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Volunteer in Africa

Map of Africa

Featured Articles on Volunteering in Africa
Volunteer in Namibia Top Volunteer Sending Organizations in Africa
Author and expert Zahara Heckscher offers an overview of the wide variety of options for volunteer pograms in Africa and offers suggestions.
Volunteer in South African preserve Volunteer at a South African Game Preserve
Volunteering in a South African game preserve allows close up access in return for giving of yourself to help preserve endangered animals.
Volunteer in Ghana A Day as a Volunteer in Ghana
A participant in the volunteer program with Globe Aware describes a day in her life in Ghana, which is full, culturally rich, eye-opening, and meaningful.
Why volunteeer abroad The Real Peace Corps Cross-Cultural Exchange Makes It Worthwhile A fantastic overview on the most important aspects of volunteering for the Peace Corps by one who describes his experience honestly, and outlines the opportunities to help others in very important ways worldwide. And, after 2 years service, you receive $10,000 to transition back home from your likely life-changing experience.
Volunteer in Kenya Volunteering and Living in Kenya
Adapting to living in Keyna while volunteering to help locals, who offer the hospitality of their community.
Volunteer in Zambia as Student Volunteer Service in Zambia: A Little Goes a Long Way
An experience as a student performing volunteer service in Zambia is eye-opening and life-changing.
Volunteer in South Africa caring for penguins Volunteer in South Africa Rehabilitating the Penguins of SANCCOB
A volunteer program in South Africa dedicated to helping rehabilitate penguins to be sent back to the wild.
Volunteer teaching English in Namibia Ten Ways a Teaching Certificate Helped Me Teach in Namibia: Lessons Learned as a Volunteer Teacher
Teaching children in Namibia as a volunteer, Morgan Canup lists ten ways her teaching certificate helped her in a very new environment.
Gorillas in Uganda Gorilla Conservation in Uganda: Volunteering with the Peace Corps
Working as a volunteer to ensure the responsible care of an endangered species.
Volunteer at the Lion Park in South Africa
Volunteer Teaching English in Africa
Volunteer Effectively in Nigeria: The Key is Thinking Grassroots
Volunteering to Teach in Ghana with Global Volunteers
Volunteering in Zambia: Sharing Knowledge With Local Farmers and Learning From a New Culture

Projects Abroad in Tanzania, Madagascar, Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya
Projects Abroad is the world's largest international volunteer organization. Trusted by over 132,000 volunteers. Discover 18 exciting countries across 5 continents: Argentina, Botswana, Cambodia, Ecuador - Galapagos Islands, Fiji, Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, and Vietnam. Volunteer programs start year-round and last from one week to a year. Opportunities exist in teaching, childcare, social work, conservation, community development, medicine, human rights, journalism, international development, language courses, and more! Programs are for ages 16+.
Volunteer in Tanzania with Projects Abroad

Volunteer Abroad in Kenya — Maasai from US$250
Affordable volunteer opportunities available in Maasailand, Kenya. Volunteers can participate in Teaching and Medical Placement. IVHQ sends over 5000 volunteer travelers worldwide annually - one of the world's most popular volunteer placement organizations!
Volunteer in Kenya  - Maasai with VolunteerHQ Website:

Connect-123 Volunteer Programs in Cape Town, South Africa
Connect-123 links you to volunteer projects in Cape Town, South Africa, according to your interests and skills, in health care, human rights, community service, education, and many other fields. Health care projects include working directly with doctors on medical research projects, providing non-medical care to patients, attending ward rounds and helping the nursing staff care for patients. Human rights, social work, and education projects include working at a legal advice center, assessing the impact of community-based interventions, helping with public health awareness campaigns, mentoring street children, teaching English, caring for infants and toddlers at orphanages, working with youth regarding issues related to HIV/AIDS, sexuality and adolescence, and helping to build schools and houses for disadvantaged communities.

What's included: Finding a volunteer project that specifically meets your needs; arranging secure, high-quality, centrally-located accommodation based on your budget; assisting with local transport and providing advice on public transport routes; airport meet and greet service; a complete preparation and orientation information pack; advice, assistance, and guidance before, during, and after your stay; group-rate discounts; and 24/7 emergency support and assistance.

Internships in South Africa Website:

Volunteer Abroad in Ghana with United Planet for 2-52 Weeks
Be prepared to celebrate as a volunteer in one of Africa’s most welcoming countries, known for lively festivals and hospitality. Ghana is home to people from many backgrounds and more than 250 languages are spoken throughout the country. As a Quest volunteer in Ghana, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in this bountiful culture. You can teach Ghana’s future leaders through school programs, build much-needed relationships with the country’s youth, or help as part of our rural health team. It is certain to be a life-changing experience.
Volunteer in Ghana  

Volunteer Abroad in Kenya for 4-52 Weeks
In Kenya, volunteers will find a dynamic melting pot of languages, cultures, wildlife and landscapes. Roughly the size of France, Kenya contains considerable geographic diversity – mountains, deserts, volcanic highlands and wide savannas en route to the Indian Ocean. Kenya is comfortably warm year-round with heavy rainfall in the spring. Wildlife habitats, including Maasai Mara, protect many native wildlife species including lions, rhinoceros, leopards, buffalo and elephants. Rural areas are rich with tradition, and volunteers will be welcomed again and again by friendly locals.
Volunteer in Kenya

United Planet’s Gap Year/6-months+ Learning Exchange in Tanzania
United Planet's Quest Volunteer Abroad program offers you or your group a life-changing opportunity to interact with local communities through customized work experiences, cultural activities, and home stays. United Planet Quests are offered in more than 25 countries from 1-52 weeks. Volunteer opportunities in Tanzania include a variety of opportunities to work with children and education, including at a chidcare center, teaching English in a primary school, or working with disabled young adults.
Volunteer in Tanzania More information can be found at: and for United Planet’s Tanzania programs at:  
Feel free to visit us from 9 AM to 5 PM at United Planet, Boston Harbor Shipyard and Marina, 256 Marginal Street, Boston, MA 02128.

African Conservation Experience
Ethical Volunteer Conservation Placements in Southern Africa
Whether you want to get hands-on in a wildlife rehabilitation center, experience life as a wildlife vet, learn how to track wildlife or join a research project in a national park — volunteering with African Conservation Experience allows you to make a real difference to wildlife in southern Africa, in countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia. With over 20 years experience, they are the original and most experienced organisation at placing people on worthwhile conservation projects in southern Africa.

African Impact
Responsible Volunteering in Africa
Offers a very wide variety of responsible volunteering projects throughout continent, including countries such as Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zanzibar, and Zimbabwe. The projects are very varied, from wildlife conservation to animal care to teaching and education to community development to photography. The family run organization from 2004 takes pride and is passionate about maintaining a positive impact through every project.

Conservation Travel Africa
Volunteer Projects in Zimbabwe
Offers a variety of wildlife conservation, marine conservation, wildlife reasearch, community development, and teaching programs in Zimbabwe. Conservation Travel Africa are also offers tailored programs with an emphasis on responsibe volunteering, including those for family, teens, and mature volunteers.

Volunteer Projects Across Africa
Paying volunteers participate in expeditions and community work in Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, and Togo (among other non-African countries).

Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue in Cameroon
Saving Africa's Great Apes
Volunteers needed at chimpanzee sanctuary in Cameroon for minimum 6 months. See website for more information.

Wildlife and Ecological Investments
Volunteer and Intern in South Africa

A very wide variety of conservation projects, marine and wildlife, are available. See website for details on latest projects.

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