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Flag of The Czech Republic  Teaching English in the Czech Republic

"In the years that have elapsed since the Velvet Revolution of 1989, Western-backed language schools have been joined by many private schools run by locals in both the Czech and Slovak republics. While there seems to be an equal demand for English in both republics, the majority of TEFL teachers tend to gravitate to the Czech Republic, partly because there are more established language schools in Prague than Bratislava, most of them servicing the business community.

Unless you have a recognized TEFL qualification, it remains very difficult to obtain employment in the Czech capital because of the competition from other foreigners." — Susan Griffith

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Teach English in Prague, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
CTESOL / CTEFL: Teach English Around the World
4 week — Internationally accredited courses worldwide.
’s training center in Prague, Czech Republic is just a short tram ride away from the center of this thriving European city. The mix of fascinating history and buzzing nightlife means that Prague has something to offer everyone who chooses to take their TESOL course here. The course takes place in a working language school giving trainees the opportunity to meet with working English teachers and witness them in action in the classroom as well as put your newly acquired skill into use during the practical teaching sessions.

Teach English in Prague Teach & Travel Worldwide with TEFL Worldwide Prague
TEFL Worldwide Prague is a highly reputable American owned school offering the 4-week Internationally Recognized and Accredited TEFL certificate course in the enchanting city of Prague. Become certified and gain the skills to teach English in any classroom abroad. Job placement assistance worldwide. Highly Recommended by their Graduates!

International TEFL Academy
TEFL TESOL Certification Czech Republic, Prague
Courses in Praggue and job placement assistance for all graduates for jobs worldwide.

Prague University
Teaching Business English Certificate
Teaching Business English Certificate (TBEC) - including the LCCIEB "Further Certificate in Teaching Business English" and two business specialisations. The full program consists of two business courses (Business Practice and Marketing) as well as the "Further Certificate in Teaching Business English" course and a practicum. The business courses introduce you to the principles and practice of business, as well as a more detailed study of marketing. All courses encourage active and practical participation. Courses are college-level professional qualifications and run according to Prague College academic guidelines. Students who already have some knowledge of business can take more advanced courses for their business course component, including Advertising, Public Relations and Principles of Management.

TEFL International Prague | Language and Training
Language and Training is a reputable training centre closely associated with large Prague language school Threshold Training Associates. Our TEFL course is externally moderated by TEFL International and accredited by American Fort Hays University. In our training centre you will have the chance to meet our experienced teachers and talk to them about language teaching and life in Prague. All our successful course graduates get a job guarantee in Prague and job guidance worldwide.

The Language House
Teach English to the World
Excellent training from a reputable school. The Language House TEFL in Prague offers 4-week, 130-hour, internationally recognized TEFL courses for individuals wishing to teach English worldwide. They offer small classes, almost twice the amount of teaching practice than most courses, an intensive grammar component, job guarantee and more.

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