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Cultural Travel and Tours in Australia and New Zealand

Cultural Travel in Australia and Australasia

Great Adventures
The Great Barrier Reef and Green Island Cruises in Australia
Offers day trips to Green Island and the Great Barrier Reef and has Advanced Eco Tourism Certification.

Pacific Challenge
Travel Study Programs to Australia, New Zealand & South East Asia

We offer unique and extensively researched programs, carefully blending exciting adventure, personal and leadership development, eco-tourism ideals, cultural immersion and bundles of fun! The option to combine this with up to a semester of US college credit gives you an unbeatable travel/study experience.

Sport Lived
Sports Programs in Australia and New Zealand
Play Sport Overseas
Sport Lived arranges for young people to play sport overseas. We organise for people to play a variety of sports with clubs in Australia and New Zealand. Sports that you can play overseas include rugby, football, hockey, cricket, netball, tennis, athletics and swimming.
Coach Sport Overseas
Sport Lived offers coaching placements, perfect for those who would like an enjoyable and fulfilling experience working within an overseas sporting environment. The bulk of our coaching programmes focus on teaching sport to young people in schools, summer camps and the local community. Our coaching programmes are available in a variety of exciting destinations, including Sydney and Melbourne.

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