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Rick Steves on Back Door Travel

Budget Travel in Europe in a Culturally Sensitive Way

Rick Steves at a Winery in the Côtes du Rhone.
Rick at a Winery in Côtes du Rhone

Rick Steves host of the PBS TV series Rick Steves' Europe and author of over 50 European travel guides, including Europe Through the Back Door, was Transitions Abroad's first columnist and a pioneer in promoting culturally sensitive, life-enriching travel. Rick has taught a generation of travelers that the way to get the most from every travel dollar is to take the "back door" and get to know the people wherever you go. Spend enough money, says Rick, and you end up talking to other Americans about baseball. — Dr. Clay A. Hubbs

Back Door Travel Columns by Rick Steves
Good Travel is Thoughtful Travel
Rick reflects on a lifetime of travel and concludes that experience abroad develops awareness of different ways of living across the globe as well as the perception by others of America and Americans. The enlightenment brought about by open-minded travel nurtures a sense of responsibility to effect positive change.
Europe's a Sweet Deal...for Smart Travelers
Options for budget travel in Europe for the smart traveler, where there still remain deals to be had.
Savoring the Flavors of Europe
Rick and his family set out on a quest to enjoy some of the finest culinary treats Europe has to offer as part of its many and varied cultural traditions. They learn more about the art of eating and food preparation skills from the local chefs who share the secrets of bringing to life the tastes of their native lands.
Savvy Senior Travelers
Skills and tips to help the senior traveler make the most out of their next vacation to Europe, while providing key senior travel resources.
The Cave Man Cometh: Travel in France's Dordogne River Valley
A variety of rich cultural options and aesthetic delights for those who love traveling close to nature.
Europe on a Roll.or a Slow Stroll: Don't Let Limited Mobility Keep You From the Old World's Greatest Cities
Some of the many options for mobility and disability travel in some of the greatest old world cities in Europe.
Travel Advice for Vagabond Parents
Rick shares his experience and offers advice on making the most out of travel through the major cities in Europe as a vagabond parent.
Affordable Scandinavia
Inside travel tips for budget-minded travelers who wish to experience some of  the many treasures Scandinavia has to offer.
Croatia's Plitvice Lakes: Non-Stop Back To Nature
Rick shares his discovery of a wonderful natural wonder in Croatia — the Plitvice Lakes — which remains largely untouristed by Americans visiting Europe.
Interview with Rick Steves
The founding publisher and editor of Transitions Abroad, Clay Hubbs, asks Rick what originally influenced and still motivates his tireless work teaching and writing the gospel of independent travel.
Credit Cards, Debit Cards & Cash in Europe
Practical advice for handling and exchanging money while traveling in Europe.
Provence and the French Riviera
A 2-week itinerary in one of our favorite regions of Europe.
Italy 101
Rick offers his practical budget travel tips and advice when traveling through the magical regions of Italy.
First-Time Travel to Europe
Rick describes an incredible travel itinerary which captures many of the essential flavors of Europe without breaking your budget.
Travel in Europe's Rural B & B's
Find a bed and breakfast or vacation rental which will help immerse you in the country you are visiting, without blowing your budget.
Pack Light and Travel Happy
Tips on packing for your trip without carrying an unnecessary load.
Thrifty 50 Budget Travel Tips for Europe
Budget travel tips on how to make your Dollars, Euros, and Pounds stretch.
Travel with Teens: The Challenge is Making Trips Both Educational and Fun
How Family Travel in Europe can be educational, fun and affordable. Rick also picks the Top Kids’ Sights in Europe.
Travels with Children: Bring Leashes and Plenty of Valium
Survival strategies for travel abroad with children.
Travel Responsibly
Rick describes the necessity for responsible travel in the new Millenium in order to "give the world a break."

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