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Living Abroad in Grenada

Key Expatriate Websites and Resources

Living in Grenada: A Sandy Beach
One of many beaches on Grenada’s Caribbean coast from How Moving to Grenada Can Add Spice to Your Life. Photo by Candice Licence.

Featured Articles on Living andTraveling in Grenada
How Moving to Grenada Can Add Spice to Your Life by Candice Licence
Grenada Unspoiled: A Caribbean Country Missed by Mass Tourism by Alison Gardner

 Recommended Reading on Grenada
Grenada Expatriate Relocation Manual by Trevor Jefferson and Julie Scott
An Embarrassment of Mangoes – A Caribbean Interlude by Ann Vanderhoof

 Resources for Living in Grenada

Grenada Government Official Website

Grenada Citizen by Investment (CBI) program

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

World Bank (information about Granada)

The World Factbook (information about Grenada)

Candi and Michael on the Move is a blog by Candice Licence which shares information about moving to Grenada, including how to buy and upgrade a house, events, attractions, restaurants, daily life, and more.

Goats on the Road is a blog hosted by long-time location-independent bloggers who have lived in Grenada on multiple occasions.


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