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Teach English in Latin America

"The vast region of South America holds an almost infinite range of opportunities for anyone who wants to share their native English. From the specialized training for the business communities of Santiago and Brasilia to the informal conversation exchanges with Mexican fishermen and Venezuelan waiters, the English language provides a link between visitors and residents.

Apart from a few popular cities, seldom do you find the glut of teachers you find elsewhere in the world, possibly because South America is often pictured as a place of poverty and crime, danger and corruption, dictators and drug barons. In fact, South America is home to a staggering variety of charming and generous people from café-culture urbanites to street kids, many of whom are eager to meet travelers and improve their knowledge of the gringos’ native tongue. The stampede to learn English seems unstoppable.

In the big cities the greatest demand for English comes from the business community. And because of the strong commercial links between the two American continents, the demand tends to be for American English. The whole continent is culturally and economically oriented towards the U.S."—Susan Griffith in Work in Latin America.

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A country-by-country overview of options for teaching English in the Latin American countries where there is most demand.
Teaching English in Costa Rica Teaching English in Latin America: Practical Information You Need to Get Work by Michael G. Hines
Spanish, Portuguese or French are the native languages in Latin America, which is one reason why the influx of foreigners has increased the importance for citizens to learn English. Increasing numbers of expatriates and their families are choosing to make Latin America their home, causing the number of international schools and educational institutions offering academic courses in English to increase. Teachers who meet country requirements have a good chance of finding jobs in this region...
Teaching English in South America Remote Knowledge: Teaching English on Location in South America by James Burt
The continent has long been attractive for English teachers eager for new experiences involving such activities as Samba music, mountain trekking, and other long, hot summer nightlife pleasures while earning a living teaching English to the locals. But unlike certain global areas with a much more rigorous application, interview, and hiring process that involve visas or housing appropriations, many countries in South America often utilize less a rigid system of employing teachers...
Teaching English and Living in Brazil Teaching English and Living in Brazil by John Clites
There is a very high demand for English teachers in Brazil, and that demand will only increase in the foreseeable future. Demand is fueled by a number of factors: flourishing tourism, expanding international trade, a burgeoning oil and gas industry, and the looming World Cup and Olympic Games...
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Top Jobs Teaching English in Latin America
See a daily selection of the Top ESL Jobs in Latin America courtesy of ESL Job Feed.

If you do not see the jobs or training program you want in Latin America, check our Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico pages for much more country-specific information.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
CTESOL / CTEFL: Teach English Around the World
4 week — Internationally accredited courses worldwide.

Experience the fun and excitement of Argentina with ITTT’s TESOL course in Buenos Aires. The training center is well placed for access to all major attractions and is within a short distance of some excellent shops, bars and coffee houses. The course has a strong emphasis on the practical side of teaching with plenty of teaching practice sessions enabling you to hone your skills as an English teacher. Our dedicated trainers are here to guide you through the whole process and ensure that you get the most out your experience with us.
Teach English in Buenos Aires Dates: Course available each month all year-round
Cost: Deposit: US$600. Balance: US$1290.

Natal, Brazil
CTESOL / CTEFL: Teach English Around the World
4 week — Internationally accredited courses worldwide.

International TEFL and TESOL Training’s 4-week in-class course in Brazil will give you knowledge and skills required to teach English effectively anywhere around the world. If you decide to stay in Brazil after completing your course, our staff will be happy to assist in helping you find a job that’s right for you but if you decide to move on, our internationally recognized certificate and lifetime job support will help you find work in your new destination.
Teach English in Brazil Dates: Course available each month all year-round
Cost: Deposit: US$600. Balance: US$1500.

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
CTESOL / CTEFL: Teach English Around the World
4 week — Internationally accredited courses worldwide.

International TEFL and TESOL Training’s in-class TESOL course in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica provides top quality teacher training in a beautiful tropical location. The course covers teaching theory, methodology, lesson planning and English language concepts and gives students the opportunity to try out their newly learned skills in the classroom with real students. All graduates will receive an internationally recognized teaching certificate and lifetime job support on successful completion of the course.
Teach English in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica Dates: Course available each month all year-round
Cost: Deposit: US$600. Balance: US$1190.

Chiapas, Mexico
CTESOL / CTEFL: Teach English Around the World
4 week — Internationally accredited courses worldwide.

Our in-class TESOL course in Chiapas, Mexico provides up to 12 hours of teaching practice with students ranging from primary to adults. This kind of experience is highly sought after by employers and will enhance your prospects when you start looking for work. Our qualified teacher trainers will provide valuable feedback after the teaching practice sessions and our small group sizes ensure that you receive plenty of individualized attention throughout the course.
Teach English in Chiapas, Mexico Dates: Course available each month all year-round
Cost: Deposit: US$600. Balance: US$1090.

CEDEI — Centro de Estudios Interamericanos
Needs university-educated native speakers to teach for at least 9 months. Recruitment information available online. CEDEI offers 5-week TEFL training course in June-July.
Contact: Gran Colombia 11-02 y General Torres, Casilla 597, Cuenca, Ecuador.
Tel.: +593-7-283-9003;

Teach English in Paradise — Get Paid to Travel with TEFL Heaven
TEFL Heaven offers guaranteed paid teaching positions in the most amazing locations in Latin America. Your new adventure starts with the face-to-face TEFL training in the location you choose, which then certifies you to teach English anywhere in the world. Latin America — Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica & Peru. We also have positions in Thailand, Vietnam, China & Czech Republic. No previous teaching experience is required, but you must be a native or non native English speaker

Check out life of a teacher abroad!
Teach English in Latin America with TEFLHeaven Dates: Start Dates Every Month
Varies on location — please check out for prices.
Mr Ben Hesketh, TEFL HEAVEN, Badger House, Oldmixon Cresent, Weston-Super-Mare, England, BS24 9AY United Kingdom .

Paid to Teach in Colombia
Colombia is rapidly emerging as a globalized country in Latin America. Because of this, it has become necessary for Colombians to possess knowledge of the English language in order to remain relevant in the new globalized job market. API has teamed up with both governmental and nongovernmental organizations to help increase English competency among Colombian citizens.


Berlitz Language Center
Berlitz also has Language Centers across Latin America in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Mexico.


CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange
Teach English in Chile

In Chile, Teach Abroad assignments vary widely. Depending on yours, you might live in the capital city of Santiago, the port city of Valparaíso, or the resort town of Viña del Mar. There, you might teach English to students enrolled at DuocUC, a system of technical community colleges affiliated with the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Or you might find yourself teaching a subject you studied in college to Chilean students in English at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago. Or you could become an English teacher in a private primary or secondary school in one of the affluent neighborhoods surrounding Santiago. Regardless of where you teach, you’ll have your own Chilean adventures inside and outside the classroom.

Contact: 300 Fore Street, Portland, Maine 04101 USA; tel/fax. 1.800.407.8839; 1.800.553.4299;;

International TEFL Academy
TEFL TESOL Courses in Latin America
Courses in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru. Job placement assistance for all graduates.


Intesol Bolivia
190 Hour TESOL Certification Program in La Paz, Bolivia
We offer an internationally recognized 190-hour TESOL Teacher Certification Program. he program is an intensive one month program which includes observations of experienced teachers as well as teaching practicums to gain experience within a real class setting. Intesol Bolivia works along with Intesol Worldwide to provide top quality teacher training with UK accreditation. We offer the only TESOL program in Bolivia and we are located in the beautiful city of La Paz!

Contact: La Paz, Bolivia,

ISSO — International Student Services Org
International TEFL Training Program
A 120 hour interactive International TEFL Certificate Course that is an efficient and fun way to learn to teach English as foreign language worldwide. It is the most widely recognized international qualification for English teachers. Cali, Bogota, Medellin. Colombia South America.


Projects Abroad
Volunteer English language teaching assistants — and other projects — in Mexico, Chile and Peru and many countries worldwide. No TEFL background required.


Teachers Latin America
Recruitment and Placement Solutions for International Education
Always free for educators, Teachers Latin America connects you to employment at international and bilingual schools throughout Latin America. Teach your subject area in English – math, science, social studies, humanities, English language arts and more in preschool, primary, and secondary.


Teacher of English in Chile
TeachingChile is a recruitment and placement company, headquartered in Santiago, Chile. We provide full-service assistance for qualified applicants to receive an express-mailed job offer from a reputable Chilean school / university, visa processing arrangements, and preferred housing reservations, all of which are confirmed before the accepted applicant boards the airplane to teach in Chile.
TeachingChile works closely with Chilean schools and universities, the Chilean Ministry of Education, foreign embassies, and many corporate leaders, all with the common goal to advance the nations working knowledge of English. We provide teachers placement into a reputable teaching institutions ranging from university-level students through adult. All job placements are paid teaching positions at competitive market rates.

Contact: TeachingChile, Avenida Vitacura 3355 Dept. 113, Comuna Vitacura, Santiago, Chile. Tel. 720-221-3831 (U.S. telephone);;

Via Lingua TEFL Certification in Panama
Via Lingua provides international TEFL certificate courses in many of the world's most popular teaching destinations. With courses in 15 countries, Via Lingua is one of the world's largest and most respected global TEFL course providers. Our programs in Panama City offer 130 hours of training, including 10 hours of assessed teaching practice. The Via Lingua course exceeds all professional guidelines for the regulation of international TEFL certificate courses, and is moderated by the ELT Institute, Hunter College and accredited by the College of Teachers in England, and is recognized by the British Council. Graduate credits are also available.
Via Lingua TEFL Certification in Peru
Our programs in Arequipa and throughout Peru offer 130 hours of training, including 10 hours of assessed teaching practice.


Teach English with CEDEI
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