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High School Study Abroad and Teen Travel

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The logical and often most cost-effective starting place for students to start planning for ways to study abroad and develop cross-cultural awareness and understanding is at their high school. Guidance counselors and foreign language teachers can provide information on summer, short- and long-term international opportunities. Some of the many choices include independently arranged student exchanges, formal youth exchanges, or the many popular teacher-led high school trips that focus on language, culture, study, or volunteering. There are also the many exciting summer camp and teen travel options that can offer everything from adventures worldwide to language immersion learning.

Options for gap year or pre-college students who want to take a summer, semester, or a year before college to engage in meaningful travel, volunteer, study or work abroad include both formal programs and organizations to help them create their own plans. Many college study abroad programs prefer that qualified high school graduates participate in such experiences as they have proven to be a great preparation for success in later education overseas.

 Articles on High School Study Abroad, Teen Travel and Gap Year Options
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An overview of the many and varied exciting options.
The Allure of the Gap Year
An expert guide to the many and varied programs available between high school and college, by author Susan Griffith.
Taking Time Off Before College: What Is the Gap Year Abroad Advantage?
Gap years are now considered a very positive move by major academic institutions as a bridge between high school and college, as we discover in an interview with authors Karl Haigler and Rae Nelson 
International High School Exchange Programs
High school exchanges are useful to both teach students through cultural immersion and educate hosts through new perspectives.
The Adventure of High School Programs Abroad in an Asian Country
When in Asia, there is so much for high school students to learn in the way of customs.
Full Scholarships for High School Study Abroad
Few realize that there are ways to go to high school overseas for free or next to nothing.
Volunteering Abroad as a Teen Makes a Difference
Early experience as a teen volunteer can prove to be life-changing.
Taking Time Off to Travel and Volunteer in Nepal
A teen decides to take a year off to volunteer in Nepal, and it is the start of major change in his life.
The Impact of Volunteering in San Pedro, Paraguay
What a teen learned as a volunteer with AMIGOS.
Gap Year Essentials: A Student Perspective
A view from a student regarding the importance of a gap year, by Isabel Eva Bohrer
Take Time Off: A Gap Year Trip Abroad After High School Offers an Unforgettable Education
Sometimes a year before college is the best preparation for future academic success.
The Difference a Gap Year Abroad Makes
Some key experiences students offered by gap years that help them in later academic studies and life.
An Australian High School Youth Exchange
A high school student experience in Australia makes a difference.
A High School Summer in Egypt Studying Arabic
A summer of language learning serves as a cultural immersion experience.
Study Abroad at High Schools Worldwide
The worldwide network of high schools offers students options.
An Inner Journey with the Where There Be Dragons Program
A teen grows during the course of an educational program.
How Travel Has Shaped My Life
Exploring the seven continents as a teen opens up the eyes of a student.
Teen Travel in Northern Thailand with Intrepid
An Intrepid adventure travel tour has a huge impact on a student.
Can My Teen Travel Solo?
Tips to know when your young adult student is ready to travel alone.
Diversity in High School Study Abroad
Exploring ways to include underrepresented communities in high school exchange programs.
Chile up Close: A 1-Year High School Exchange Student's Report
One year in Chile transforms the views of a teen during the course of an exchange program.
Backpacking Before College With the Youth International Gap Program
After high school, a trip backpacking prepares a student for the future and is also a lot of fun.
EF's Global Citizen Scholarships: College-Bound High School Students Can Win a Trip
How to win a trip through a unique scholarship.

 Featured High School Study Abroad Programs and Teen Travel Organizations
Teenager Language Vacation Students The Language Immersion Experts
Language Vacation offers short or long term language courses and total cultural immersion abroad. Studying abroad, in the country a language is spoken is the most effective way to learn another language. Enjoy year round language programs worldwide for junior summer language camps and programs for Teenagers. We will give you unbiased help in choosing the right type of language immersion and language course abroad to match your needs and requirements.
Teen Volunteer Programs Free, Safe and Rewarding Volunteer Vacancies in Spain for English-Speaking Teenagers
English-speaking teens are sponsored to stay at different venues around Spain this summer, conversing with Spanish teens who want to improve their English. Full-board hotel accommodation is offered along with a fun-packed schedule. Last minute places are available for chatty and friendly volunteers.
Summer Adventures to Teen Students Summer Adventures for Middle School, High School and College Students
Since 1993, Broadreach has taken over 12,000 students on their worldwide summer adventure learning programs for middle school, high school and college students. We have 75+ program offerings in countries around the world. Many Broadreach programs qualify for college credit and all incorporate a community service component ranging from 5-55 hours. Trips are 14-31 days in length in June, July and August.
Summer Volunteering for Teens Summer Volunteering for Teens with Amigos de las Américas
AMIGOS operates in nine countries throughout the Americas — in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Paraguay. With AMIGOS, you'll be immersed in another culture, collaborate with your host community on a development project, and work side by side with local youth meanwhile building your own leadership skills. AMIGOS summer projects range from 4-9 weeks and are open to students from 16-25 with basic Spanish proficiency.
Teen Volunteer Abroad High School Volunteering Programs and Teen Leadership with GLA
Like Peace Corps for Teens. Programs are offered in 12 countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Participants explore historic and natural sites in different countries while they learn the local culture and history, and serve the community through meaningful volunteer efforts. GLA’s goal is to provide life-changing experiences that will cultivate a global perspective and open-mindedness in students that will ultimately inspire them to become great leaders and global thinkers who will seek positive change in their own communities.
Teen meaningful adventure programs Adventures Cross-Country: Meaningful Service. Real Connections. True Adventure
Adventures Cross-Country (ARCC) offers Gap Semesters, domestic and international adventure programs in 20 countries and 4 western states throughout North America, the South Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Australia, Asia, and Africa. With over 30 years of experience, ARCC students travel to a variety of the world's most spectacular locations and participate in activities such as community service projects, cultural immersion, SCUBA diving, surfing, rafting, sea kayaking, zip-lining, and more! ARCC offers innovative service oriented experiences for teenagers and has remained a pioneer of adventure travel and teen summer programs for young people.
Volunteer in Spain Volunteer as a Teen in Spain
Beef up your resume at Instituto Hemingway. Instituto Hemingway Spanish School is an excellent choice to spend your vacation, enjoy sun, mountain and sea views. Make new friends and learn a new culture. You will have the time of your life! We offer Spanish lessons throughout the year plus jobs, internships and volunteer programs.
SPI High School Study Abroad SPI College Credit Study Abroad — Homestay Immersion
Study abroad and earn college credit this summer in Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Costa Rica, or Italy! SPI programs truly let you experience the language and culture from an insider's perspective as you live with a local homestay family, travel to amazing sites, take fun classes for college credit, and prepare yourself for college.
Volunteer Service Programs for Teens Teen Volunteering with VISIONS Service Adventures
Since 1989, VISIONS has set the standard for international community service programs. VISIONS summer community service programs for teens and middle school students blend ambitious volunteer projects, cultural immersion and adventure. We live in the heart of under-resourced communities in the Caribbean, North, Central, and South America, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Know the people whose lives you impact.
SAGS Australian Schools for Teens Study Abroad Experiences for International Primary and High School Students
South Australian Government Schools provide exciting study abroad experiences for international primary and high school students from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to learn and improve your English, receive a good education, participate in extra-curricular activities and make friends. You can choose to study in a metropolitan school in the capital city of Adelaide or in one of South Australia's regional schools. Comprehensive student support services include an orientation program, homestay accommodation services, subject counseling, ongoing English language support and 24 hour emergency contact.
Teen Travel with a Purpose Travel with Purpose: International Service Travel for High School Students and Groups
For more than 23 years, Global Works has been a leader in community service-based adventure travel programs for high school students and groups. Much more than a vacation, Global Works international trips are the bridge for meaningful cultural exchange with people around the world. In all of our locations, we partner with communities and organizations to select and implement grassroots service projects that make an impact. Your unforgettable journey of community service, language immersion, cultural exchange, and adventure starts HERE!
Summer Camp in France with Alpine French School French Summer Camp in the French Alps
High-quality Teenage French Summer Camp in Morzine in the French Alps, just 1-hour from Geneva. Combine language learning with great cultural & outdoor activities in a fun, safe mountain village environment. Residence accommodation with great food and en-suite rooms and supervision by friendly energetic counselors. Option of adventure activities, mountain biking or private French classes.
Intercultura summer Spanish language camp in Costa Rica Costa Rica Spanish Adventure Camp for Teenagers — Intercultura Spanish Language School
This Adventure immerses teenagers in the Spanish language and culture of Costa Rica with:
Fun dynamic Spanish classes Volunteer work experience Cultural activities and tours Homestay with local families
Teen volunteering abroad GoEco Volunteer Abroad — School is Out for Summer!
Volunteering abroad as a teenager is a great way to make new friends while getting real-world experience contributing to an important cause. Not only is volunteer experience an excellent resume builder, but it is also highly regarded among college admission boards and potential employers. We offer a diverse range of humanitarian, wildlife or environmental projects abroad where teens will have the chance to grow their knowledge and skills. We also offer a handful of fantastic “under-18” projects which are designed specifically for teenagers. Find a project that interests you and contact us to start planning your next volunteer adventure!
Amigos VolunteeringLearn and Teach Languages with DiverboTeen Language Study Abroad with Language Vacation Teen Summer Adventures Cross-Country Broadreach teen adventures Teen summer camps with GLAHigh School Study Abroad with SPICenter for Study Abroad Globalworks teen travel with purpose South Australian Government Schools
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