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High School and Teens

Gap Year and Pre-College Programs Abroad

Gap year and pre-college programs taking a variety of forms are now increasingly common and seen as very valuable by very presitigious academic institutions in motivating students to expand their experience and horizons. Many gap year programs are taken after high school graduation. Some gap year programs for high school students take place over the course of the summer before beginning college as a form of preparation. Indeed the advantages of taking a gap year before and during college are now very well documented by the American Gap Association.

Students may study language, academic subjects, work, volunteer, enjoy learning adventures, or participate in exchange programs in any combination from reputable organizations.

Most students return from such an experience abroad changed and extremely motivated to learn. A far greater sense of clarity regarding educational goals is common on the part of students after such experiences in completely new surroundings while involved in new or intensive activities.

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Teen Service Learning Programs in Africa, Asia, Europe & Latin America
Global Leadership Adventures (GLA)
It's like a gap year program, only better. GLA's spring break and summer gap year alternatives are offered in Africa, Asia, Europe & Latin America. Instead of having to miss a year of school or delay entrance to college like a typical gap year experience, our programs pack in meaningful community service, hands-on learning, and excursions to incredible locations within your host country. Students on these programs can also fuel their passion for a particular interest, or discover one they've never explored before.

Program Themes: Public health, wildlife conservation, environmental conservation, children, sports & language immersion.
Teen volunteer programs Dates: Summer (June, July, August); spring break
Cost: $1,899 to $6,299
Contact: Global Leadership Adventures, 10509 San Diego Mission Road, Suite A, San Diego, CA 92108
Tel: +1 858-771-0645

Global Gap Year Volunteering
Projects Abroad is the world ’s leading short-term international volunteer organization including the innovative Global Gap Year. 
Choose from 30 exciting countries around the world: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Myanmar, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Samoa, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, and Vietnam. Volunteer projects start year-round and last from one week to a year. Opportunities exist in teaching, child care, social work, conservation, community development, medicine, human rights, journalism, international development, language courses, and more! Programs are for ages 16+.
Projects Abroad Global Gap Year Dates: See website for details.
Cost: Please see our website for prices.
Contact: Projects Abroad, 80 Broad St, Floor 32, New York NY 10004.
Tel: US Toll-free 1 888 839 3535.

Learn Spanish and Volunteer in Spain
We offer immersion Spanish courses all year round at special prices, jobs in hospitality management all around Spain, affordable internships in different cities throughout Spain, culinary arts in top hotels, field trips for schools and colleges, unpaid volunteer programs, Spanish online courses, and Dele preparation exams.
Volunteer in Spain Dates: All year round, any time, any program.
Cost: From US $100 per week.
Contact: Instituto Hemingway, Bailen 5, 2 Dcha. 48003 – Bilbao, Spain.
Tel.: +34 94 416 7901. Fax: +34 94 416 57 48

Where There Be Dragons Summer & Semester (Gap Year and College Study Abroad) Programs in Asia, Africa, and Latin America
Mapmakers once drew Dragons to represent lands unknown. Those who ventured beyond the map's edge were said to go, "Where There Be Dragons." At Dragons, we learn by doing. We travel like locals, live with families, apprentice with artists, and learn from scholars, sages, and community leaders. We access phenomenal beauty, engage deeply with local communities, and ignite our own curiosity. THE LEADER IN CROSS-CULTURAL + EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION SINCE 1993. Visit our website to learn more.
WhereThereBeDragons Cost: See website
Dates: See website
Contact: Where There Be Dragons, 3200 Carbon Place, Suite 102, Boulder, CO 80301 – USA
Tel.:Toll Free: 1-800-982-9203. International: 001-303-413-0822.

ARCC Gap Semester Programs: Meaningful Service. Real Connections. True Adventure
ARCC Gap Semester offers an educational and cultural bridge between high school and college. The ARCC Gap Semesters are an opportunity to live, work, learn, and explore in some of the greatest classrooms on earth. On an ARCC Gap Semester, students immerse into the culture through homestays, service work, teaching, and exchange. ARCC offers semesters in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Gap Year Programs ARCC Dates: 90-day semester programs every fall and spring
Contact: ARCC Programs, 242 Redwood Hwy, Mill Valley, CA 94941
Tel.: To get more information or request a brochure call our headquarters at 415-332-5075

Global Routes
Global Routes is a pioneer in the world of value-driven, experiential-based, international programming for high school and gap year students. We believe that authentic, fun and impactful programs abroad are directed by service, deepened through immersion, broadened with adventure and contextualized by leadership. Through this unparalleled combination, participants gain profound perspectives of another country, cultures, the world and themselves. Since 1967 we have partnered with over 10,000 volunteers throughout the world.
Global Routes Dates: Summer, Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Spring Break, Winter Break and custom.
Cost: Ranges
Address: Global Routes, One World Way, Windsor, NH, 03244 USA
Contact: Adam Aronovitz and
Tel.: 413-585-8895

CSA Low Cost Study Abroad
Center For Study Abroad (CSA) has been offering budget, high quality programs since 1990. Worldwide locations. Earn academic credit. Low cost housing options. Support staff before and during program. Airport pick-up and drop-off service available. Flexibility with program, housing, travel, and payments. Weekly, monthly, Quarter, Semester, and Year long schedules. Transcript / certificate issued upon completion. Visa document assistance. Financial Aid help. CSA staff has over 25 years experience with study abroad administration. Early registration is advised. Register for Free — No application fee required. See CSA website for details. Join us !
Center for Study Abroad Dates: Rolling admissions. Academic Year, Semester, and Summer terms. See CSA website for details.
Cost: Low-cost, non-profit. See CSA website for details
Contact: Program Director, Center for Study Abroad (CSA), 325 Washington Ave., S. #93, Kent, WA 98032.
Tel.: 206-583-8191

El Casal, Gap Year in Barcelona
El Casal seeks to provide a challenging and rewarding atmosphere for personal and intellectual growth in a program for young people who are taking time off between high school and college. The program strives to develop creative and critical thinking, tolerance, self-confidence and a deep appreciation of the host culture.
Gap year in Barcelona Dates: 2 90-day sessions: mid-September to mid-December and mid-January to mid-April
Cost: 9,200 euros
Contact: El Casal, C/ Balmes 163, 3-1, 08008 Barcelona, Spain
Tel.: +34 647 873 390

Abbey Road High School Western Civilization History Program
This program is a unique educational journey in time that gives our students the opportunity to explore first-hand the origins of Western Civilization, political thought, history, culture, and art, starting with Ancient Greece (Athens), to Ancient Rome (Rome), to the Renaissance (Florence) and the French Enlightenment (Paris).

Students will stay in centrally located 3 star hotels, sample authentic local cuisine, participate in discussions with their instructors and peers, and have a wonderful time traveling and making new friends. We utilize a unique educational method, emphasizing experiential, hands-on learning; and a great balance between safety, supervision and freedom for our students.
High School Western Civilization Program
High school study abroad with Abbey Road
Dates: July 9 - August 3
Contact: Abbey Road Programs, 8266 Fountain Ave, STE B, West Hollywood, CA 90046
Tel.: 888 - 462 - 2239

Abbey Road’s Young Diplomat and Leadership Academy and College/SAT Prep at Suffolk University in Boston
Boston College/SAT Prep is a very intensive academic program that is certain to help your students prepare for their academic future in the United States. Additionally, Abbey Road students will participate in weekend excursions, recreational activities, and visit some of New England's most prestigious Universities, such as Boston College, Harvard, Tufts, Northeastern, Boston University, and more!

Many students joining the Leadership Academy will be the next generation of America's leaders, diplomats, and international entrepreneurs. This program by Abbey Road, will offer advanced courses on International Relations and 21st Century Politics, International Business and Finance, National Security, Environmental Studies, and more.
College / SAT Study Preparation at University of Boston
Teen study for College / SAT with Abbey Road
Dates: Young Diplomat & Leadership Academy July 9 - July 22, 2017 | College/SAT Prep Session #1: June 25 - July 8 | Session #2: July 9 – 22 | Session #3: July 23 - Aug 5
$4,095 (2 weeks) - $7,995 (4 weeks)
Contact: Abbey Road Programs, 8266 Fountain Ave, STE B, West Hollywood, CA 90046
Tel.: 888 - 462 - 2239

LEAPNOW: Transforming Education — LEAPYEAR Program
Choose LEAPYEAR and embark on the most unique first year of college on the planet. Travel abroad for 10 weeks in Latin American or India with a group of your peers. Explore your interests in depth and get real-world experience during your 3-month individual internship chosen from over 6,300 options in 126 countries. Journey inward during 8 weeks of inner-directed retreats that will lay the groundwork for stepping into the world and providing a space to integrate your amazing experiences. Do all of this while receiving college credit! Experience the world while getting your degree.
High School International Service Learning Dates: September 2017 – May 2018, February – August 2018
Cost: See website for details
Contact: LEAPNOW: Transforming Education,11640 Highway 128, Calistoga, CA 94515
Tel.: 707-431-7265

South Australian Government Schools
Study abroad with us and experience beautiful South Australia. You can choose to study in the capital city of Adelaide or in one of South Australia's regional schools.
There are many schools to choose from with a wide choice of subjects. You can try a new subject such as robotics, hospitality, photography or ballet. Or perhaps a new sport such as surfing, golf, cricket or cycling.
Schools also offer a variety of co-curricular activities including music bands, drama productions and adventure activities. We take care of every aspect of your study program including your homestay accommodation.
SAGS Australian Schools for Teens Dates: Programs are available all year round.You can commence study at the beginning of the school term or mid-term
Cost: You can view all program costs on the South Australian Government Schools website
Contact: South Australian Government Schools, GPO Box 1152, Adelaide SA 5001
Tel/Fax: +618 82263402; +618 8226 3655

Gap Year Abroad Programs
Gap Year Abroad with CIEE offers college-bound high school graduates an opportunity to acquire a broader global perspective, foster independence, and gain self-knowledge in nine countries. Our programs offer accelerated language growth through classes and immersion into a foreign community, the opportunity to live with a host family, and experience abroad participating in organized volunteer work in the local community. Included in the CIEE program are day and weekend excursions of cultural and historical importance that will provide an important dimension to understanding of the host country.


Global Vision International (GVI)
High School Study Abroad Service Learning Programs
GVI’s Study Abroad Service Learning Courses take classroom research and curriculum learning and introduce those theories into real life services. All the work performed benefits the local community or environment and these real-life experiences enhance students’ academic studies, increase their personal growth and interpersonal skills. Emphasis will be placed on relating our long-term goals with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and engaging in daily reflection surrounding the experience. All our Service Learning Courses are led by qualified group facilitators and allow students to gain an increased cross-cultural awareness and understanding.
Educational Pre-College Programs Abroad
GVI’s Educational Pre-College Programs Abroad offer students a chance to engage in educational pre-college programs abroad. These valuable programs take learning outside the classroom and into real life services. All the work performed benefits the local community or environment and these real-life experiences enhance students’ academic studies, increase their personal growth and interpersonal skills. Our programs help young adults gain a better understanding of the world and are also seen by universities and employers as something that sets the individual apart from other applicants. All our courses are led by qualified group facilitators and allow students to gain an increased cross-cultural awareness and understanding.


ISA (International Studies Abroad),
Programs include gap year experiences in Spain, Italy, France, U.K., Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, and Australia. There are a few exceptions that do require college time.


Outward Bound Costa Rica
Outdoor Adventure Programs in Costa Rica and Panama for Gap-year and High School Students
Students ages 14+ can join us for a summer course or students ages 17+ for a gap-year or semester abroad challenging themselves through outdoor adventure activities as well as service learning projects in Costa Rica and Panama. Outward Bound courses also teach its participates to develop leadership skills, focusing on character development, compassion for the environment and teambuilding.


Putney Student Travel
Pre-College London
Join us in London for an insider’s experience of England on this Pre-College summer program for high school students. Broaden your horizons and prepare for college with in-depth, field-based seminars as you become part of an inspiring and supportive community of staff and students from around the world.
Our London campus is situated in the heart of the city, with easy access to many of it’s most famous landmarks, and ideally located for day trips to the surrounding countryside.
Pre-College Barcelona
Join us in Barcelona for an insider’s experience of Spain on this Pre-College summer program for high school students. Broaden your horizons and prepare for college with in-depth, field-based seminars as you become part of an inspiring and supportive community of staff and students from around the world.
Our Barcelona campus is a private residence hall just steps from the beautiful Born district and a short walk from the beach.

Contact: 345 Hickory Ridge Rd., Putney, VT 05346; 802-387-5000;,

School for Field Studies
Programs in environmental studies in the Caribbean, Mexico, Australia, Costa Rica, and Kenya.


SEA Semester
Summer field programs in marine and environmental studies are available to high school graduates seeking a gap experience.


SPI College Credit Study Abroad — Homestay Immersion
Study abroad and earn college credit this summer in Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Costa Rica, or Italy!  SPI programs truly let you experience the language and culture from an insider's perspective as you live with a local homestay family, travel to amazing sites, take fun classes for college credit, and prepare yourself for college.


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