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Educational Travel and Learning Vacations Abroad
Anne Steves toasts her cooking teacher, a Parisian chef, before sitting down with daughter Jackie to enjoy the meal they prepared. (Photo courtesy of Rick Steve's Europe Through the Back Door.)
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University of Cambridge International Summer Schools
The Creativity Workshop
Language & Cultural Programs in China with Get Int2 China

 Featured Articles on Educational Travel and Learning Vacations Abroad Articles
Travel: A Lifelong Journey of Learning Travel: A Lifelong Journey of Learning by Dr. Jessica Voigts, Wandering Educator Contributing Editor
Remember that first time you were confronted with extreme difference? It might have been when you were small, surrounded by a cacophony of words in a different language, or while you were a teen, backpacking Europe and trying to figure out the train systems...
Educating your 5 senses via travel Educating Your 5 Senses Via Travel by Dr. Jessica Voigts
Would you like to have a travel experience like no other? One that will exhilarate, entrance, and stay with you? It’s a different way to look at travel (and life, actually), and one that can change the way you travel. What is it? Well, I call it 5 senses travel. How? Take a look...
Educational Travel and Pleasure Educational Travel and Pleasure: Pursue Passions at Your Own Pace by Dr. Jessica Voigts
How to reframe travel as a way of exploring destinations at the pace you want, engaging in activities that interest you, such that your journeys become pure pleasures. Free yourself of exhausting travel to-do lists and pursue your passions!
Educational Travel: Ethics and Pleasure How Travel Can Change the World: One Journey at a Time by Dr. Jessica Voigts
Experienced travelers and experts illustrate and agree that in travel there is a false choice between ethics and pleasure.
Slow Immersion Travel: Learning by Experiencing Slow Immersion Travel: Learning by Experiencing by Dr. Jessica Voigts
How to practice the type of educational travel that motivates many fascinating explorers and writers currently and historically.
Go Learn Something: Budget Educational Travel  
Tim Leffel suggests a variety of ways the adult traveler may continue their education on a budget — whether as a volunteer or by taking part in inexpensive language programs all around the world.
The Secrets of Traditional Italian Cooking
Linda Lappin describes her experience at a cooking school in Italy and what she learned from the owners of Cook Italy in the medievel village of Tolfa.
Volunteer Vacations and Educational Travel in Belize 
Joshua Berman provides an overview of the many voluntourism and research options in beautiful Belize.
Educational and Cultural Travel in the South of Spain
Regina Winkle-Bryan describes some of the many educational travel and cultural travel options available in the south of Spain, including dancing schools, and language schools offering many activities.
Journalism Workshops in Prague 
Dana Owens describes a unique travel opportunity to study journalism while in an unusually multi-cultural setting.
Intimate Glimpses of Canada's Wild West Coast
Alison Gardner on her trip aboard a historic boat which visits Canadas's west coast shoreline and culturally rich islands with Mothership Adventures tours.
Kickboxing In Thailand: Study for Self-Defense or Just for Fitness 
AJ Hoge paints a picture of the experience while providing practical resources for the study of increasingly popular Muay Thai kickboxing in Thailand.
Painting in France 
Sarah Massey describes how she arranged her own educational travel program painting in France after retirement.
Travel to Learn in France: Vacation Courses Offer Opportunities for Immersion 
Anna Gibson offers a sampling of vacation and educational travel programs in France.
Art Study in Mexico
Kelly Nicholls on the myriad of options available to those who wish to study art, even work and live as an artist, in the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
Art Workshops in Guatemala 
John Brandon describes his experience at a travel writing workshop with the Art Workshops in Guatemala school in Antigua, Guatemala.
An Archeological Dig in Jordan 
Genevieve Gardner describes a unique educational experience on an archeological dig in Jordan in the company of international students, professionals, and local Bedouins.
Leading Educational Tours as a Teacher
Jennifer M. Eisenlau provides a realistic description of the free time and free travel provided by summer work as a educational tour leader.
Monolingualism: It Can Be Cured - Learning a Language as an Adult Is Actually Fun
Laura Higgins Florand finds that "rather than a horrible trial, learning another language as an adult—whether in a school close to home or in a country where the target language is spoken— is usually actually fun. It’s a move to open one’s life in dramatic ways."
Study Holidays in Britain
Barbara Lokach on literary holiday vacations in Britain.
Creative Retreat in Tuscany
If you are seeking a retreat to pursue creative writing in an inspiring setting in Italy, Sandi Sonnenfeld has found a great option for you.
Art History in Florence
Catherine M. Thomas describes the many options for the study of art history in Florence and describes her experience at the The British Institute of Florence.
Teachings by the Dalai Lama
Edward Newton on an educational trip to Dharmsala to listen to the teachings of the exiled Dalai Lama.
Learning and Self-Development Opportunities in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Dana Leigh Hearn describes the multitude of educational choices in Chiang-Mai, Thailand.
Cooking in Thailand
Steven Van Yoder on his experience at one of the many cooking schools in Thailand.
Educational Travel Tours - Often More Rewarding Than Going it Alone
Jeanette Wenig Drake describes the advantages of an educational group tour through Central Europe, where she learned intensely about the cultures she visited even as she gained valuable insights from her fellow travelers.
Choosing a Photography Tour
Kim Lipker offer tips on how to research, what to expect, and what gear to bring.
Film in Ouagadougou
Don Bapst highlights the most famous and prestigious film festival in Africa - the home of so many great films in recent years.
See England as It Was
J.E. Killick describes his experience seeing England via the National Trust.
The Japan Experience
Linda Higgins Spoleti on her experience as a teacher in the Fulbright Program in Japan.
No Age Limit to Study Abroad
Carolita Blythe finds that there is no age limit to study abroad - in her case learning French in Paris at the Alliance Francaise.
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