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Educational Travel, Tours, and Learning Vacations Worldwide

Adult Education Worldwide

The Creativity Workshop
Creativity Workshops in Inspiring Places: New York, Barcelona, Florence, Crete, Prague, Dublin, Dubai
This Workshop will help you become more creative in your personal and professional life.

We use creative writing, memoir, art, photography, storytelling, mapmaking, relaxation and guided visualization exercises.

Participants come from many different countries and professional fields, including business, education, psychology, the sciences, and the arts.

Participants say The Creativity Workshop was a transformative experience. It helped them write books, start new companies, complete long overdue projects, transition to rewarding retirements, and change the way they look at life.

Creativity workshops worldwide Dates: Throughout the year
Cost: $895 and up
Tel.: 212-203-3252

Bicycle Africa/Cuba/Ecuador/Asia
Educational, people-to-people bicycle tours to all parts of Africa, Cuba, and Nepal. Cycling difficulty is moderate. Each tour is unique; all focus on the diversity of the culture, social institutions, and environment and the complexity of the history, economy, and society. Programs are led by area studies specialists.

Earthwatch Institute
Join dozens of scientific field research expeditions worldwide for 2-3 week long teams, helping university professors in disciplines from archaeology to zoology, share field costs, field training provided. No special skills required, but any are welcome. Earthwatch sponsors 130 expeditions in over 30 U.S. states and in 47 countries.

Global Awareness (GATE)
Global Awareness Through Experience (GATE) offers alternative tourism through immersion and feminist spiritual quest programs in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Eastern Europe. Participants connect with Third World people in face-to-face dialogue to explore social, economic, religious, and cultural issues.

Pacific Discovery — Summer, Semester and Gap Year Programs Abroad
Inspiring Educational Adventures
Offers inspiring summer, semester and gap year educational travel programs abroad. Programs blend meaningful and challenging experiential travel, cultural immersion, personal and leadership development, outdoors and wilderness exploration, volunteer service learning projects in conservation and community development, ethical travel and sustainability focus, and optional transferable academic credit.

Contact: Rachel Sanson - Program Director, 30 Iwa Road, Nelson, 07010, New Zealand; 1-800-655-3415;;

The Center for International Service Learning
International Service Learning offers a unique and exciting opportunity through humanitarian/service learning programs for pre-med, health and education students to experience hands-on clinical and field work in Central America, Mexico, Africa, and the Caribbean. Adventure travel, professional field instruction, academic credit! Financial aid available.


The Rassias Foundation at Dartmouth College
The Rassias Foundation Accelerated Language Programs
Adults of all ages come to Dartmouth College to immerse themselves in ten days of a new language and culture through the Rassias Method's Accelerated Language Programs (ALPs.) The Rassias Method® is a unique approach that speeds language learning, increases language retention and has you speaking and understanding in "Ten days that make a difference". Originally developed for Peace Corps training, it has been adapted by language teachers in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.


U.C.Berkeley Extension: Oxford Berkeley Program
Live in Merton College and take a variety of seminars ranging from Churchill to Shakespeare this summer.


University of Wisconsin-Madison Continuing Studies. Dept of Liberal Studies & the Arts
From four-day weekends to several weeks overseas, these trips provide an opportunity to attend world-class performances throughout Europe and North America. View the collections of the finest museums on earth; follow in the footsteps of kings, and learn about it all along the way! Our tours focus on Performing Arts, Theatre, Visual Arts, History, and/or Archaeology.

Each educational tour includes seminars or lectures to provide insights and information regarding your trip’s unique subject and destination. Our guides and lecturers are local and outstanding and may include actors, production personnel, artists and musicians who can give you a thorough and fascinating inside look at the subtleties and complexities of their field, while also giving you personal insights into their culture and way of life.


World Challenge Expeditions
400 expedition leaders for summer schools’ educational expeditions to Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. 4-week period of work between late June and late August.

Contact: The Leadership and Development Centre, Black Arrow House, 2 Chandos Rd., London NW10 6NF, U.K.; 011-44-8704 873173;,

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