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Theater Work Abroad

A Chance to See Many Countries and Get to Know the Locals

A performance at the Globe Theatre in London
A performance at the Globe Theatre in London.

For actors or theater technicians an interesting way to travel is with a touring theater production. The many options range from small-scale tours with only a few cast and crew members to ones with casts and crews in the hundreds.

Depending on the tour, you may stay in a city for one day or for months at a time. Either way, the best part of touring is the chance to work with and get to know the local people.

When touring you may stay in a city for weeks, other times you might breeze through a town. Most tours have a 1- to 3-month paid vacation break in the summer, which is a good time to travel and return to the places you enjoyed most.

To get a touring gig you don't need to be a theater master but you do need some theater experience. Most touring productions pay well and cover all travel expenses and hotels.

For More Info on Touring Theater Jobs

Cirque Du Soleil offers lots of postings for jobs in serveral countries, as does Disney on Ice, since both open many new shows each year.

Stagepool offers job postings for many of the companies listed above, with many in Europe.

Sites such as Playbill are updated frequently and post numerous touring jobs, mostly within the U.S. The site offers Broadway tours as well as smaller venues.

Study Abroad and Internships in the Performing Arts

If you are interested in internships and study in theater worldwide in order to get your foot in the door, the Performing Arts website offers options. Many other internships in the field are also available from organization such as Global Experiences.

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