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How to Take a Camping Safari in Tanzania

Be Closer to the People, the Culture, and the Wildlife

Camping in Tanzania, Africa
Wildlife camping in Tanzania: Shira Camp. Photo by american_rugbier

Questions to Ask a Prospective Tour Operator

  • What is the maximum number of people allowed in one group? (Small groups are more personal and less intrusive.)

  • Does the company have mileage restrictions?

  • How knowledgeable are the guides about native customs and wildlife? Do they speak the native language?

  • Will you have the opportunity to interact with locals? In what way and for how long?

  • Does the company strictly adhere to the itinerary?

  • How many people will be in each vehicle?

  • What type of vehicle is used? (Most companies use minivans; their high-back seats block vision to the front and back.)

  • Is everyone guaranteed a window seat?

  • Is the car equipped with water, bean bags for camera stabilization, and easy-to-reach storage compartments for binoculars and cameras?

  • Does the vehicle have a canopy?

  • Do the game-viewing vehicles carry campers’ luggage or does the crew deliver it to the next campsite? How many roof openings are in each car?

Visitors’ Responsibilities on a Camping Safari in Africa

  • Follow park rules and regulations.

  • Keep noise to a minimum.

  • Donate to a local charity or school, not to individuals (this encourages begging).

  • Understand native customs and accept without judgment.

  • Leave an area as you found it. Don’t take “souvenirs.”

  • Never touch religious artifacts.

  • Choose an outfitter that safely stores all camping garbage until it can be properly disposed of back in town.

Ecotourism Safari Companies in Africa

African Horizons

Borton Overseas

Kibo Safaris

Thomson Safaris

JANET WILLIAMS writes from San Rafael, CA.

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