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How to Take a Camping Safari in Tanzania

Be Closer to the People, the Culture, and the Wildlife

Camping in Tanzania, Africa
Wildlife camping in Tanzania: Shira Camp. Photo by american_rugbier

Questions to Ask a Prospective Outfitter

  • What is the maximum number of people allowed in one group? (Small groups are more personal and less intrusive.)

  • Does the company have mileage restrictions?

  • How knowledgeable are the guides about native customs and wildlife? Do they speak the native language?

  • Will you have the opportunity to interact with locals? In what way and for how long?

  • Does the company strictly adhere to the itinerary?

  • How many people will be in each vehicle?

  • What type of vehicle is used? (Most companies use minivans; their high-back seats block vision to the front and back.)

  • Is everyone guaranteed a window seat?

  • Is the car equipped with water, bean bags for camera stabilization, and easy-to-reach storage compartments for binoculars and cameras?

  • Does the vehicle have a canopy?

  • Do the game-viewing vehicles carry campers’ luggage or does the crew deliver it to the next campsite? How many roof openings are in each car?

Visitors’ Responsibilities on a Camping Safari in Africa

  • Follow park rules and regulations.

  • Keep noise to a minimum.

  • Donate to a local charity or school, not to individuals (this encourages begging).

  • Understand native customs and accept without judgment.

  • Leave an area as you found it. Don’t take “souvenirs.”

  • Never touch religious artifacts.

  • Choose an outfitter that safely stores all camping garbage until it can be properly disposed of back in town.
Safari Companies in Africa Specializing in Ecotourism

African Horizons:

Association of Professional Safari Guides:

Borton Overseas:

Kibo Safaris:

Thomson Safaris:

JANET WILLIAMS writes from San Rafael, CA.

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