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Best Travel Bloggers, Blogs, Sites by Travel Writers

Mongolian family meeting visitors, including travel writer Lies Ouwerkerk.
Mongolian family greets and hosts visitors, including travel bloggers and writers. Photo by Lies Ouwerkerk.

A growing number of travel websites host blogs or are blogs that serve as websites themselves with the power of plug-ins for popular, easy-to-use, and sophisticated Content Management Systems such as WordPress. Many travel sites also use blogs to add daily posts to offer more interactivity, often in conjunction with a broader social media presence to build a community.

Travel writers often use blogs to tell their stories location-independently, sometimes as digital nomads. There are many excellent blogs by experienced professional travel writers. Some blogs are posted from the road and offer first-hand accounts of travel experiences. By contrast, others deal more with travel news and issues and may involve the collaboration of multiple authors.

Although blogs are often considered a more opinionated alternative to traditional travel media, most conventional newspapers, magazines, and websites for large brands now feature blogs or have taken the form of a blog, especially when reporting on travel.

Below, we have listed some of our favorite travel blogs by travel writers (the list is constantly growing).

Best Individual or Collaborative Blogs by Travel Writers

Cheapest Destinations
is the budget travel flagship of long-time Transitions Abroad contributor Tim Leffel's wide array of travel blogs. Tim is an experienced and talented travel writer and publisher who writes posts and fine books on the World's Cheapest Travel Destinations," "Living Abroad at Half the Price," international travel experiences, practical travel gear, and narrative travel writing.
Tim hosts the Perceptive Travel blog, part of his fine narrative travel writing Perceptive Travel site, which also offers collaborative posts of interest on a wide range of subject matters, is part of a website that is "home to the best travel stories from wandering book authors"—recipient of many awards from NATJA, SATW, and other travel journalism associations.
Tim's blog offers probing interviews of travel writers and posts on travel writing from a practical perspective. The blog is associated with his state-of-the-art book on all aspects of making a living as a travel writer, which he calls "Travel Writing 2.0." All his books are accessible from his various blogs and are highly recommended.

The Professional Hobo is a excellent and unique blog hosted Nora Dunn, who writes beautifully and candidly about her long-term travels since 2006, with extensive financial and practical advice and other related subjects. Nora's work in social media is equally valuable, and she is prolific with her sound and tried and true advice. She also writes fine e-books accessible from her blog.

Lola Akinmade Åkerström Geotraveler's Niche blog reflects her polymath talents as a photographer, storyteller, and best-selling writer in print and thought leader on the web. Her work is astonishing and polished but retains a culturally sensitive human touch while she continues her extensive travels. She has expanded her work to share storytelling tips and other forms of expression for other sites with her GEOTRAVELER MEDIA ACADEMY and her storytelling agency, covering various vital aspects for others to enhance their blogs and websites. Born in Nigeria, her work transcends nationality, race, and gender while respecting cultural differences.

Rolf Potts’ Vagablogging was initially an illuminating and lively collaborative blog covering many aspects of travel, from travel advice and stories to essays and commentaries about issues concerning travelers.
Rolf has recently moved toward emphasizing his excellent podcasts with top travel authors and influencers as guests discussing all aspects of travel, but you can still find much of Rolf's writing on his website and by reading his best-selling books.

Rick Steves’ Europe through the Backdoor features Rick Steves' Travel Blog, is part of his vast website which summarizes years of travel and is updated constantly. Rick has written over 30 books on Europe and has a tremendous presence in all forms of media.

NomadicMatt offers a blog as part of his website where his energy, curiosity, and experience traveling since he chose that path after his MBA shines through in his practical posts about many opportunities to travel abroad.

JourneyWoman is an online travel resource for women based in Canada. The site features eclectic and practical articles, insightful tips for women travelers, and an online newsletter .

Wanderlust and Lipstick is a website and collaborative blog filled with tips and information for women travelers and includes extensive posts, articles, and advice of all kinds. The site also provides information on the company's many tours to fascinating and unusual destinations, both women-only and for the general public.

Wandering Educators is a combination blog and website hosted by Jessica Voigts, featuring posts and resources from a community of educators, travel writers, and artists sharing their experiences, insights, and talents.

Editor's Note: Many other fine blogs by travel writers and bloggers are linked in the appropriate areas of our site—with many of them contributors—and many more will be added as they are brought to our attention and we publish their articles. We avoid selecting blogs that are purely self-promotional, largely destination-oriented, or seem more obsessed about the authors and their own state of mind than those whose homes (countries) they are privileged to visit. Storytelling and sensitive observations about your travels, the people, and the cultures you meet are more important to us than passing trends following our original mission and vision as announced 45 years ago based upon years of travel by the founder and publisher.


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