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Short-Term and Summer Jobs in the Middle East

Key Employers

Map of Middle East

See Teaching English in Egypt and Teaching English and Living in Saudi Arabia for first-hand reports and resources.

The American University in Cairo
Graduate Master's degree program and fellowship for teaching English as a foreign language are offered at the American Univ. in Cairo. Courses essential for effective teaching are given by a supportive, skilled faculty. The master's degree program requires 2 years and the intervening summer for completion. Program starts in September only.

Amideast: Academic and Cultural Exchange
Amideast has network of English language schools in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, West Bank and Gaza, Kuwait, Iraq, UAE, Yemen, Morocco, and Tunisia that recruits qualified teachers locally; field office addresses are on the website.

Footprints Recruiting
Teaching in Dubai

Teaching in Dubai is a unique chance to experience an ancient culture, live in a totally different part of the world, and significantly contribute to the world’s largest educational reform. Salaries and benefits for teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other locations like Qatar and Oman in the surrounding Gulf region are famously generous. These jobs are competitive and typically require a government teaching license and two years of classroom experience from a native English speaking country. If you’re a professional educator looking for a change, get in touch and apply today!

GoEco: Volunteer in Israel
GoEco has established dozens of ecological and humanitarian projects in cooperation with organizations both in the Arab and Jewish sectors in Israel. The organization offers an informed and vetted selection of projects to GoEco participants. Their target audience is the ecologically concerned and adventurous traveler who wants to explore a region firsthand and to get to know the local people, customs and eco-system through a vetted volunteer program.
Volunteer projects and internships include Tel Aviv Animal Shelter, Desert Wildlife Program, Desert Eco Building, Desert Farm and Winery, Desert Alpaca Farm, Social Food Program in Tel Aviv, At-Risk Youth in Jerusalem, Long Term Wildlife Program, Ecotourism Development in Nazareth, Mountain Eco Lodge, Bedouin Style Lodge, Coral Reef Conservation, Refugee Health Clinic in Tel Aviv, Nazareth Hostel Volunteering, Ecotourism Development in Central Jerusalem, and many more.

Interfaith Peace-Builders
Volunteer in Delegations to Palestine and Israel
Interfaith Peace-Builders sends delegations to Palestine and Israel so that U.S. citizens can see the conflict with their own eyes. Participants have the opportunity to learn directly from Palestinian and Israeli nonviolent peace/human-rights activists, to spend time in Palestinian and Israeli homes, and to experience the situation of Palestinians living under military occupation. The delegations focus on seeing, listening to, and recording the experiences and perspectives of a wide range of Palestinian and Israeli voices. Visit their Facebook page for more.

Kibbutz and Israel Volunteers
Volunteer, Ulpan (Hebrew and Study Program). Kibbutz Volunteers live and work on a kibbutz in Israel. Work can vary: agriculture, services, education, or industry. The volunteer program is for 2-6 months. Ulpan students live on kibbutz for 5 months where they work 3 days and study Hebrew 3 days a week. The program offers trips and tours in Israel as well as social and educational activities. It is a great way to explore your Jewish heritage and get connected with your Jewish roots. Kibbutzes are located throughout Israel. Magen David Adom Program: 2 months of volunteering with other volunteers on ambulances. Program offered in the winter and the summer. Qualifications: age 19-35, prerequisite: EMT, Internships Program, 2 6-month internships designed according to individual requests of students and young professionals.

Project Hope
Volunteer in Palestine as a Teacher
Experience a unique opportunity to live and volunteer in the West Bank while being immersed in Palestinian culture and making a difference in people’s lives. Volunteering projects include teaching English, French, health, art, music, and human rights/social justice. Volunteers live together and receive free Arabic lessons. Visit their Facebook page.

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