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Internships in Australia, New Zealand and Australasia

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Work and Travel in Australia or New Zealand with InterExchange
InterExchange Working Abroad offers participants unforgettable adventures in Australia and New Zealand with our Work & Travel program. This program gives you the freedom to experience the best of Australia or New Zealand for up to one year with the support and guidance that comes with 50+ years of experience. Want to surf in January? Ski in July? Explore the Outback or harvest fresh fruit on an organic farm? Whatever kind of adventure you have in mind, we can help!
Work and Travel in Australia Work in Australia and New Zealand with Interexchange Dates: Year-Round
$495 and up
Contact: Interexchange Working Abroad, 100 Wall Street, Suite 301, New York, NY 10005.
Tel.: 212-924-0446; toll-free 1.800.597.3675.

Australia Internship Program — The Intern Group
The Intern Group is a leading provider of international internships in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America. We provide internships in all career fields year-round in Australia. Learn from leading professionals in your field while making friends from all over the world and living like a true Australian. Our programs include a professional internship, accommodation, visa assistance, professional development tools & workshop, cultural events, social activities and much more. Launch your career with the travel adventure of a lifetime in Melbourne.
Australia Internship Program Dates: Year-round on the first Saturday of every month.
Cost: $5,650 (AUD)
Contact: The Intern Group, Busworks, 37-41 North Rd, London, N7 9DP, United Kingdom
Tel:+1 (718) 878-6393

Intern in Australia or New Zealand — BUNAC
Looking for a career building experience at a great price? Then look no further as our Intern in Australia and intern in New Zealand programs do just that! Get ready to develop your professional skills, gain real world experience, friends and exposure as BUNAC brings you a variety of internships in a multitude of industry sectors. We work closely with you to customize your preferred start at end dates, and how long you'd like to intern for.
Australia Internship Program Dates: Year-round.
Cost: $950
Contact: BUNAC
Tel: 866-220-7771

Begin to explore and cultivate your future career through high quality, academic-based international internship in Australia and Zealand.
Intern Abroad in Australia

Brisbane/Gold Coast, Australia
Interns in Brisbane will experience the "World's Best Downtown," home to over 2.3 million Australians and one of the oldest cities in the country. The Gold coast is the 2nd most populous city in Queensland, and offers miles of sunny beaches and waterways. Both locations are great destinations for hospitality, business, and other placements.
Melbourne, Australia
Interns in Melbourne will experience placements in the capital and most populous city of Victoria (2nd largest city in Australia). The city was recently named the 2nd best student city in the world (QS World Rankings), as well as one of the world’s top 3 most livable cities. It is widely considered the “foodie capital of Australia.
Sydney, Australia
Interns in Sydney will experience Australia's largest, oldest, and most cosmopolitan city. As the nation's economic and financial hub, Sydney is one of the world's most multicultural cities and home to over 500 multinational companies. Why limit yourself to interning locally?
Intern Abroad in New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand
Interns in Auckland will enjoy living and working in the "city of sails" — New Zealand's largest and most cosmopolitan city. Why limit yourself to interning locally? Start developing yourself and your career abroad through this exhilarating opportunity of a lifetime with API!
Wellington, New Zealand
Interns in Wellington will experience placements in New Zealand's dynamic capital city — a unique blend of European and South Pacfic, oft compared to Seattle and Portland for its climate and cafe culture. Why limit yourself to interning locally?

Australian Internships
An organization dedicated to arranging internships for young professionals seeking international experience in their academic field. The experience of interning in Australia will enhance your professional career in a way that travel and study alone cannot. 
The tailored internship programs allow the interns to guide what type of internship best fits their education and professional interests. Students are placed in both paid and unpaid internships aligned with their skills and experience.
Yes, you can complete an internship on a Working Holiday Visa 462 if you are eligible. The internship duration must not exceed 6 months on a Working Holiday Visa, for which many Americans and other citizens are eligible.

Boston University Internship Programs in Europe and Worldwide
Internships in Australia and New Zealand
Programs which combines academic study and work experience worldwide, including the internship program in Sydney, Australia, and the internship program in Auckland, New Zealand web pages for details.

Global Choices
Internships in Australia
The Internship Programme, paid and unpaid, will guarantee you entry to Australia ’s leading organizations. Global Choices ensures that you receive training compatible with your employment and /or educational history. Australian Internship Programme is your guaranteed entry to professional work experience in Australia. You will have the option of working from a minimum of one month up to a period of 12 months as an intern with the host Australian employer.
Paid Hospitality Internships in Australia
Develop your skills in the field of hospitality management while getting paid.

Kiwi Internships
Customized New Zealand Internships
The Internship programs are custom-built around every single individual student. This means we start with a thorough understanding of your expectations, abilities, and interests, and create you a custom program to fit. We work across an enormous range of vocations and within every vocation there is also a large range of choices. Rather than travel passively as tourists, through Kiwi Internships people can work on organic farms, wildlife sanctuaries, offshore National Parks, hospitals and schools, or undertake professional internships across an unlimited range of vocations, like: medicine, biology, law, teaching, conservation, veterinary care, carpentry, hospitality, photography, arts ... and more!

World Endeavors
Intern in Australia and New Zealand
Internships are now available for those seeking to build professional international resumes and careers, customized by World Endeavors, with many offering credits, in a variety of fields. See website for details.

Internships Abroad with Intern Group in Australia

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