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Best Women Travel Websites

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Lies Ouwerkerk solo woman traveler
Lies Ouwerkerk has traveled the world fearlessly and with common sense for many years.

After years of being relatively unrepresented, there are now an absolute plethora of great websites and blogs hosted by women alone or collaboratively. Articles, posts, resources, and other advice are offered by women in all situations around the world — from the perspective of adventurous single women, professionals, mothers, digital nomads, LGBTQ+ perspectives implicit and explicit, and generally from as many angles as can found. Some of the current top blogs are hosted by women of color, who are also working hard to help open up the travel industry to the diversity that was lacking for so long and still often remains so. Often the websites and blogs are some of the best for providing information that speaks to what we call cultural immersion around the world, but there is absolutely no limit to the angles covered.

Likewise, many women blog hosts speak to all sexes and do not necessarily define their travels and travel sites primarily by their gender.

Apologies to all those whom we do not yet list, as we will be adding more and more websites and blogs to this rapidly expanding list over time. Please feel free to pass on your recommendations in our comments section, as it is truly hard to keep up with the tremendous resources in every form available on every device!

The distinction between websites, blogs, and even rich social media presences are becoming more and more indistinguishable, so there is literally no end to the possibilities for expression and communication on matters relating to women travel, solo and group.

Geotraveler's Niche is a blog hosted by the multi-talented and award-winning Renaissance woman Lola Akinmade Åkerström. The blog is inspiring for all those interested in travel regardless of gender, but she also puts emphasis on the experience of travel as a women, and speaks of her experience traveling and living abroad as a woman of color. Lola's award-winning photographs of her travels are of a quality far beyond what you will find on most blogs, her posts and reflective essays run deep and are very perceptive, her approach to storytelling, and her boundless energy as an award-winning author of an array of books. In all her projects, Lola sets the gold standard for travel blogs, in our view.

Wanderlust and Lipstick is a website and collaborative blog filled with tips and information for women travelers, and includes extensive posts, articles, and advice of all kinds. The site also includes information on the company’s many tours to fascinating and unusual destinations, women-only as well as general.

Oneika the Traveller offers a rich blog that is “dedicated to inspiring, encouraging, and empowering both women and people of color to see the world." Her travel posts, essays, photos, and information are exceptionally thoughtful and lively. She gears her blog towards those 25-45, and write that she has a large following among African American travelers. is a website created for international women travelers to acquire travel information geared specifically for women. Women can find and share women-focused advice and experiences through photos, anecdotes, and comments. They also offer a travel writing courses around the world designed especially for women.

Ugogurl by Elaine Lee wrote Go Girl!: The Black Woman's Book of Travel and Adventure. She is a globetrotter and a journalist, and her website showcases writings about travel for BIPOC, and is a direct and inspirational site.

JourneyWoman is a huge online travel resource for women based in Canada. The site features eclectic articles, tips for women travelers, and an online newsletter with a brilliant and generous host.


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