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Study Abroad in Central and Eastern Europe

Study Abroad in Central and Eastern and Eastern Europe

Academic Programs International
API at Dubrovnik International University in Dubrovnik, Croatia
The city of Dubrovnik is recognized throughout the world as a place with a distinct identity in terms of traits and factors which conditioned its development. These include diplomacy, international relations and trade, relations between civilizations and art. This rich heritage along with Dubrovnik's marvelous diplomatic and economic history, which is still evident throughout the ancient city, makes it the perfect location to pursue the study of international affairs and business.
API at Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary
Come study at Corvinus, one of the most prestigious universities in Hungary! Renowned specifically for its programs in Economics, Management, and Social Sciences, this program is perfect for those who are studying Business or Social Sciences and are looking for an affordable European experience.

Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad
Study Abroad in Russia

The C.V. Starr Middlebury College School in Russia offers three unique opportunities for students who wish to immerse themselves in the study of Russian language and culture. Unlike many American programs in Russia, in which students are segregated from regular university and community life, our programs in Irkutsk, Moscow, and Yaroslavl have been carefully designed to encourage linguistic and cultural integration. Through a flexible and demanding academic program, and with a variety of local contacts outside of the university, we strive to allow students maximum independence in their academic and social lives. In addition to improved Russian language ability, this level of independence allows students to develop practical survival skills for later work or study in the country.

East and Central European Studies in Prague
Located at Charles Univ., one of the oldest universities in Europe, this program is ideal for students, teachers, and others who wish to combine academic coursework with the experience of living in an extraordinary medieval city. Intensive Czech language courses available in addition to courses in literature, art, architecture, business, social science, etc. Includes tours to Vienna and Budapest, field trips, internships available.

ESAC (European Study Abroad Center)
Internships and Study Abroad Programs in Prague
Why not make summer a valuable experience in a beautiful city with tons to do and see? ESAC (European Study Abroad Center) hosts a four week study abroad program in July and August located in Prague, Czech Republic with an optional weekend excursion to Vienna (Austria). Our programs are designed for college students or recent grads interested in widening their understanding of business, international business, marketing, history, Jewish studies and entrepreneurship. This program is a great bargain for your hard earned cash and includes more than you would ever dream of. Included in the price of the program are: Accommodation, Breakfast and lunch included (weekdays), Tuition, Several group dinners, Course materials, Ground transportation, Overnight stay in an amazing medieval village, Transport from the airport, Site visits to businesses, Guided tours of the cities, Fun cultural events and picnics, Networking opportunities and much more!!! Applications are accepted on-line. Czech us out!

Jagiellonian University Program in TransAtlantic Studies in Krakow, Poland
The MA in TransAtlantic Studies (TAS) is one of Jagiellonian University's newest programs. It is a comprehensive, full-time interdisciplinary postgraduate Masters program. Directed primarily to foreign students who would like to study in Krakow. Taught entirely in English. The program focuses on the political, economic, social, cultural and strategic aspects of TransAtlantic relations. The graduates from the program will receive a diploma in cultural studies with major in TransAtlantic studies.

Prague College
International Business
Prague College offers a flexible range of diploma and degree programs in International Business, Computing, Multimedia and Graphic Design. Our International Business programs offer specialisations in areas like Marketing, Management, Information Technology, Public Relations, Advertising, Business Administration, eBusiness including web design and more. Our aim is to provide a range of flexible alternatives in higher education. All instruction is in English, but our student body is international. We have students from the United States, Great Britain, Russia, Lebanon, Colombia, Belgium, Portugal, Mexico, and of course, the Czech Republic.

The School of Russian and Asian Studies
Russian as a Second Language
Designed for flexibility to suit almost any need or lifestyle. Study for a week or a year. Choose the bustling streets of Moscow or the rugged hills of Kyrgyzstan. You can take advanced courses or start with the basics.
Russian Studies Semester
This Moscow-based program is designed to provide the coursework and cultural experience for international studies majors hoping to build a professional career with ties to Russia and the NIS. Courses in history, current events, culture and the arts, economy, and politics set the foundation for understanding this part of the world.
The Arts in Russia
A practical program in St. Petersburg for those interested in art history and/or the creation of studio art. Study the art inside the Hermitage and its history and take part in studio classes from folk art to painting and sculpture. Experience the city itself as an artistic statement and as a reflection of its own history.
Russian Civilization Summer
This unique course hosted by Moscow State University addresses history, literature and the arts in an integrated program. Divided into major time periods, the program examines the influences and inter-relationships of these subjects and their connection to the social thought and significant events of the period.
Siberian Studies
Hosted in Irkutsk, this program covers the history, development and current state of Siberia. From an overview of the indigenous groups of Siberia and early Russian exploration of the area, the material then moves to the influence of Russian expansion and Soviet industrialization on the area and finally to Siberia today - the people, ecology, economy, and politics.
Bordertalk: Sino-Russian Relations
This Irkutsk-based program examines the historically turbulent relationship between two of the world’s giants, Russia and China. Today, this relationship is just as turbulant, as the two countries interact as trade partners and compete over Central Asia. Explore the history, economy, politics, and languages of both countries.
The Russian Far East
This program, based in Khabarovsk, introduces you to several native cultures including the the Nanai and Evenki, who are working to both preserve their native cultures and ecosystems and develop their region as a modern base for transportation and industry. In addition to studying Russian, you will learn some elements of these indigenous languages.
Language as a Career
This practical course, available in Moscow and St. Petersburg, is specifically designed to turn the language skills of intermediate and advanced speakers of Russian into marketable, professional tools. Students will not only study Russian and a professional trade such as translation, pedagogy, or journalism, but also put those skills to work in real professional situations.

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