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 Articles on Study Abroad in Costa Rica
Learning Medical Spanish in Costa Rica Living and Immersing in Pura Vida as a Student by Regina Toto
Student Life at La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica: Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in the Middle of a Rainforest by Marta Magellan
Study Abroad in Costa Rica: A Student Participant Report by Chanomi Maxwell-Parish
See programs and articles on studying Spanish in Costa Rica for more on language schools.

Academic Programs International
API at the Instituto San Joaquin de Flores in San Joaquin de Flores, Costa Rica
San Joaquín de Flores is a quaint town located just outside of San José. Living in a small city in the heart of Costa Rican culture will foster an environment perfect for significantly improving Spanish language fluency. In addition, students have the option of living with a host family, taking courses in Spanish, and participating in exciting outdoor adventures. API Costa Rica offers superior on-site staff support, wonderful host families, great volunteer and service learning opportunities.
API in San Jose, Costa Rica
Experience the beautiful blend of a thriving urban environment surrounded by a flourishing rainforest! Students can choose from a variety of subjects in English or Spanish and will have the option to participate in credit-bearing internships as well as great activities and excursions. See the web site for more.

ICADS Costa Rica
Online, Full Semester, Summer & Spanish Month-long Spanish Courses
For over 30 years, ICADS has provided community based study abroad programming in Central America.
Both Fall & Spring Semester Programs include seminars and Spanish classes.

Universidad LCI Veritas
Study Abroad in Costa Rica
Offers a wide range of courses and internships, including online hybrids.

University Studies Abroad Consortium
Costa Rica Study Abroad Programs

Even if you have had no previous Spanish language experience, you can study Spanish in Costa Rica or take elective courses in English. The Spanish spoken in Costa Rica is considered one of the purest and easiest to understand in Latin America. Our study abroad program in San José, Costa Rica offers a wide range of courses in areas such as Ecology and Environmental Studies, International Business & Economics, and Latin American Studies, among others. You will also have the opportunity of doing volunteer work, learning to dance to popular Latin American music, and immersing yourself in Costa Rican culture.

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