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Language Immersion Vacations WORLDWIDE!
USA (Puerto Rico/San Juan — Spanish)
We offer a variety of language courses worldwide for all ages and budgets. Immerse yourself in the local culture, pick your accommodation type and enjoy many cultural activities with international students from around the world. We enjoy what we do and that's the difference!

Cost: See website
Dates: See website
Contact: Language Vacation, 1056 Masters Lane, Minden, Ontario K0M 2K0 Canada
Tel: Toll Free 1 888 494 3974 / 705 745 4697


The Boston Language Institute
Learn English in Boston!
The Boston Language Institute offers Group and Private instruction; TOEFL preparation; immersion programs; English for Professionals; Online English courses and English Teacher Training (TEFL Certificate) programs for both native and non-native speakers of English. For over 30 years we have taught English as a second language with the mission of providing students with an extraordinary opportunity to learn English in a friendly environment.

Boston School of English
Learn English and study TOEFL in America at one of Boston's first language schools. Professional teachers; beautiful campus; great location. An amazing learning and living experience.

International Language Institute of Massachusetts, Inc.
Intensive English Program
The Intensive English Program is a small, student-centered program offering academic, business and practical English in interactive classes. We are located in a safe, friendly and lively New England college town. College preparation includes TOEFL preparation and conditional acceptance into several American colleges upon successful completion of our ACCET accredited English language program. Host families available.


Introduction to Legal English, International Law Institute
The "Orientation in the U.S. Legal System" program provides a knowledge of institutions and major judicial doctrines in American law. "Introduction to Legal English" program develops the ability to recognize, understand, and use legal English in oral and written formats.


Language Systems International
English and TOEFL prep. school in California
Offers ESL, TOEFL, GMAT and other test prep. courses at five locations in southern California, at very reasonable rates.

The Rassias Foundation at Dartmouth College
Accelerated Language Programs
Adults of all ages come to Dartmouth College to immerse themselves in ten days of a new language and culture through the Rassias Method's Accelerated Language Programs (ALPs.) The Rassias Method® is a unique approach that speeds language learning, increases language retention and has you speaking and understanding in "Ten days that make a difference". Originally developed for Peace Corps training, it has been adapted by language teachers in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.



Language Immersion Vacations in the US

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