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Student Work Abroad Programs and Paid Summer Internships

Student internship work abroad

U.S. citizens need work permits to work legally in other countries and get paid. The student work abroad, internship, and work exchange programs listed below may be able to help you achieve this goal. Many take place during the summer, when students have finished their studies, and think forward to their careers. Internships are often paid after a small fee to the placement agency, though not all, as the experience working abroad is often invaluable by itself in building your international and personal resume.

Student Work Abroad Programs from InterExchange
InterExchange, a nonprofit organization with more than 40 years of cultural exchange experience, offers work and experiential learning programs for U.S. citizens around the world, including Au Pair, Teach English, Spanish Immersion and Work & Travel programs through InterExchange Working Abroad.

For non-U.S. citizens, InterExchange offers several inbound cultural exchange programs, including sponsorship and support services for international interns and trainees hosted by U.S. businesses; au pair placements across the United States; U.S. summer camp jobs; and work and travel programs in the U.S. Visit our website for more information.
Student Internships Abroad from InterExchange Dates: Year-Round, Placements last 1 week to 2 years, depending on the program
Cost: Varies
Contact: Interexchange Working Abroad, 100 Wall Street, Suite 301, New York, NY 10005, USA.
Tel.: 212-924-0446; toll-free 1.800-597-3675.

Established in 1962, BUNAC has enabled thousands of travelers to explore the world and is recognized as a specialist in the field of overseas work and travel programs. Taking part in a BUNAC overseas work/intern/volunteer program gives you the chance to live and work in a new and exciting country and do something really worthwhile with your time off from work or studies. BUNAC programs offer a unique opportunity to: discover a different culture, gain valuable new skills, meet a new circle of friends, broaden your horizons, be truly independent, and create your very own overseas adventure of a lifetime.
Student work adventures worldwide with BUNAC Dates: Year round
BUNAC USA, 585 N. Juniper Drive Suite 250, Chandler, AZ 85226
866-220-7771 or 1-800-GO-BUNAC

Work Experience Australia
Alliance Abroad Group GUARANTEES a 6-12 month PAID hospitality job BEFORE you land in Australia. How do we do it? We have a great team in Australia and the US that have established excellent relationships with leading Australian hotels and resorts. We also ensure you are taken care of every step of the way. We organize Meet Ups with other AAG participants in Australia. Don't spend your time stressing about finding a job or an internship. Work with AAG. You'll leave with a deeper understanding of the world, a love of Australia and a passion for travel. What are you waiting for? Join AAG's Work Experience Australia program.

Hospitality positions available: Bartender, Food and Beverage Attendant, Chef, Cook, Porter, Kitchen Steward, Front Desk Attendant, Housekeeper, Tour Guide and more!

Internships in Australia Dates: 6-12 Month programs
Cost: $1500
Contact: Alex Wright,
Request More Information:

AIESEC is a worldwide student-run organization that generates thousands of paid internships, summer and year-round, each year in nearly 110 countries. The internships range from those with a business or technical focus to teaching English. You can only apply through campus chapters.
American-Scandinavian Foundation is an organization with a website that lists both study and work programs. Nonprofit organization offers paid internships in Scandinavia in engineering, teaching English as a foreign language, business, and agricultural fields. Apply for internships by late Dec. ASF also assists with obtaining work permits for Scandinavia.
Cultural Vistas is a nonprofit organization that offers paid internship programs worldwide in engineering and science. They can also assist in obtaining work permits for paid career-related practical training in most fields for both students and college graduates.
IAESTE is a non-profit organization that offers paid internships in 80+ countries for students of science, engineering and the applied arts. Low placement fees.
Teaching Assistantship Program in France (TAPIF): Paid Employment in France. Official information on study and work in France from the French government. Administers placement programs such as the Teaching Assistant and Internship in France for Americans between the ages of 20 and 35, with a payment of €790/month. Teaching positions are also available in such French-speaking overseas departments as French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Réunion.
LEAPNOW: Transforming Education. LEAPNOW offers group and individual programs bringing together academic credit, strong intentional focus on personal evolution, and a database of 6,000+ ways to combine travel, study, intern, and work in 100+ countries for ages 17-24.
Work Your Way Around The World by Susan Griffith. Not a program, but an authoritative guide that will help you look for and find short-term jobs while abroad. Extensive country-by-country narratives include firsthand reports by students and recent graduates.

Work Your Way Around the World

Student Work Experience Australia with Alliance Abroad
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