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"Despite the rumors, a native’s knowledge of the English language is not an automatic passport to employment anywhere abroad. It can, however, be put to profitable use in many Asian countries. In Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and, increasingly, China a high proportion of the population are eager for tuition from English speakers. A university degree in any subject is genuinely the only prerequisite, though in some cases just a degree of enthusiasm will suffice."—Susan Griffith reports in Teaching English In Asia.

  Articles and  Participant Reports on Teaching English in Asia
Jobs Teaching English in Asia by Susan Griffith
The Best Places to Teach English in Asia 
Michael G. Hines provides a rundown of the pros and cons of teaching in the most popular countries in Asia for ESL teachers.
Teaching English in Asia: Practical Information You Need to Get Work
Michael G. Hines offers and overview for those who wish to teach English..
Teaching English in Southeast Asia: Practical Information You Need to Get Work
Michael G. Hines, a long-time teacher in Thailand, offers his take.
Living in Thailand or Taiwan Live and Teach English in Thailand or Taiwan? A Guide to Choose the Best Country for You by Michael Plews
Fortunately for anyone with experience who is trying to compare the merits of these two unique countries, both currencies now have a very similar exchange rate... We will make a comparison, inherently somewhat subjective, of some of the key aspects of each country that can make living and teaching a memorable and rewarding experience...
Teaching English in Asia 
Lucia Novarra provides an overview on opportunities for work in Asia teaching English.
Getting Started Teaching English in Japan: What to Expect
John Sheldon provides a top-down description of the major roads taken by those who teach or wish to teach English in Japan, while providing realistic advice for teachers in the "Land of the Rising Sun."
Teaching English and Living in Japan
Lindy Sinka offers a practical overview of what is involved in teaching English in Japan. She also offers a taste of Japanese culture and expatriate life.
Point Your Mouse Cursor to a Job in Japan 
Celeste Heiter provides the inside tips on finding jobs via the Web teaching English in Japan.
How to Find an English Teaching Job from Inside Japan by Dominic Woodman
Japan's JET Programme: Join Japan's Leading ESL Training and Job Placement Program by Laura Mann.
The JET Programme: Teaching English in Japan While Getting to Know it as an Insider by Aaron Paulson.
Live, Learn and Teach English in Japan by Christopher P. Cotter
Hong Kong Needs English Teachers
The Guide to Finding an English Teaching Job in China
A step-by-step guide on how to go about finding work and a visa to teach English.
Teaching English in China: Choose the Right School
Eve Bergazyn analyzes and reports on the various types of places and schools in China to teach English.
How to Choose Your First Job Teaching English in China
Gregory Mavrides, PhD offers an overview and advice on how to go about the selection process.
Teaching English in China
Smitha Murthy offers practical advice on finding a job teaching English in China while warning about possible pitfalls.
English Teachers Needed in China by Matt Lee
Teaching in China: No Experience Needed, No Shortage of Jobs by Guy Bojesen-Trepka
Teaching English in Taiwan
Newley Purnell provides a thorough description of the lucrative jobs available teaching English in Taiwan, and provides inside tips for enjoying its rich culture.
Three Reasons to Teach English and Live in Taiwan by Matt Gibson
Teaching English in Taiwan: The Vital Information by Matt Gibson
Teaching English in Taiwan with Hess by Gilbert Wang
Teaching English and Living in Korea
Lindy Sinka, who has taught in various parts of Asia, offers a practical overview of what is involved in teaching English in Korea. She also offers a taste of Korean culture and expatriate life.
Living and Teaching English in South Korea
Jalel Marti Sager provides a practical and inspiring insider's view of his experience living and teaching English in South Korea.
English Teaching Contacts in Korea: What to Ask For and What Not to Stress Over
Lindsay Nash provides the details you should know.
Teaching English in South Korea: A New Home with an Array of Choices
Lavinia Spalding on her transformative experience.
Teaching English in Korea by David Cox
Teaching English and Living in Bangkok by Nathan Edgerton
Bangkok has a high demand for English teachers in many different types of schools, from corporate training centers to small private schools to public schools with 50 students per class. There are opportunities for beginning teachers as well as those with more experience...
Teaching English in Bangkok: The Guide to Finding Work Fast in a Laid Back Culture by Ian Moore
An inside guide to finding jobs fast when arriving in Bangkok, Thailand, along with extensive tips and key resources.
Teaching English and Living in Thailand: Do Your Homework Before Choosing a Job 
An overview of the options by Lindy Sinka .
Teaching English in Thailand: The 10 Day Job Search 
A.J. Hoge tells you how to find a job teaching English in Thailand within 10 days of stepping off the plane.
Freelance Teaching English in Bangkok, Thailand  
A.J. Hoge provides practical inside tips for setting up a freelance business teaching English.
How to Teach English in a Thai High School 
Paul King describes in-depthh his experience as a teacher.
Teaching English in Chiang Mai: A Step-by-Step Guide  
Wayne Johnson is your inside guide to teaching English in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Work in Thailand: Teaching English Can Be Just the Beginning
Seth Leighton on how teaching can be the start of a career transition.
Teaching English in Thailand and Beyond: Making Choices About Where to Teach Abroad by Paul Carpenter
Teaching English in Indonesia
Geoff Andrews describes the many advantages of teaching English in Indonesia while offering practical tips on work requirements and an overview of the cultural characteristics.
Teaching English in Malaysia
Emile Alexander Dodds reports on the type of work available for English teachers in Malaysia - a new world with Western comforts.
Vietnam language school Teaching English and Living in Vietnam: A Southeast Asia Giant by Nathan Edgerton
The guide to teaching English and living in Vietnam—where the options are almost endless—by an expert and author.
Living and Teaching in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Top tips and resources by one who experienced the bustling city of HCMC as an English teacher.
Teaching English in Vietnam
David M. Lenard provides and overview.
Teaching English in Hanoi
Nick Dall provides details on what being a teacher and life is actually like in the bustling city of Hanoi.
Teaching English and Living in Singapore
Nathan Edgerton provides the inside scoop on being a teacher.
Notes from an English Teacher in Cambodia
Margaret Ulrich describes her rich experience with LanguageCorps.
Top Jobs Teaching English in Asia
See a daily selection of the Top Jobs Teaching English in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Southeast Asia, and Asia courtesy of ESL Job Feed.
If you do not see the jobs or training program you want in Asia, look under Worldwide for programs located in several different regions or check our China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan directories for much more country-specific information on teaching English.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
CTESOL / CTEFL: Teach English Around the World
4 week — Internationally accredited courses worldwide.

Vietnam is an excellent place for new teachers to start their English teaching career. Our in-class course in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam offers excellent training from professional and dedicated instructors. The course has a strong emphasis on practical teaching experience with several hours of practice sessions teaching real students. You can be sure that you will learn the skills necessary to plan engaging and effective lesson plans from day one and our internationally recognized certificate will open the door to jobs in Vietnam and the rest of the world.
Teach English in Vietnam Dates: Course available each month all year-round
Cost: Deposit: US$600. Balance: US$890.

Cebu, Philippines
CTESOL / CTEFL: Teach English Around the World
4 week — Internationally accredited courses worldwide.

Enrol on ITTT’s TESOL course the Philippines and you could be teaching English abroad before you know it. Our course in Cebu has a very practical emphasis and features a high proportion of actual teaching practice hours in the classroom. You can be sure that you will gain the skills needed to succeed as an English teacher in Southeast Asia and elsewhere in the world. All graduates of ITTT’s courses will receive an internationally recognized certificate and lifetime job placement assistance.
Teach English in the Philippines Dates: Course available each month all year-round
Cost: Deposit: US$600. Balance: US$990.

Teach English Abroad in Asia with LanguageCorps 
Experience living and working in an exotic Eastern culture while Teaching English in Asia with LanguageCorps! Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan and China have huge needs for English teachers, and as one, you will be able to live very comfortably and even set aside some savings while you teach English in Asia.

Participants in all Asia programs begin their adventure at our training facility in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where they will have a chance to meet participants in the other Asian programs, before going on to their paid teaching assignment.

Teaching English with LanguageCorps in Asia Dates: Several times a month year round.
From $1650
Contact: LanguageCorps, 53 Whispering Way, Stow MA, 01775
Tel.: 978 562 2100

Teaching English in China Teaching English in China with Geovisions Paid Teacher in China
This is a full time teaching position with a full salary and benefits. Depending on your experience and educational background, you can earn approx. US $1000-$2575 per month.
Host institutions provide assistance in finding comfortable accommodations. In some cases housing is provided or a stipend to cover living expenses.
China is an amazing place to teach English and to explore a culture that is really just opening its doors to the world! Getting paid to teach English in China is a rewarding experience that requires patience and open mindedness.
Depending on the school you may be given free accommodation and a flight allowance. You will receive full orientation and training before you start teaching.

Dates: 10 - 12 months. We can accept applicants year round but schools are on holiday from January to February and July to August. Plan for those "off" months when you're planning your year in China.
Cost: $1,649
Contact: GeoVisions, 63 Whitfield St. Guilford, CT 06437.
Tel.: 203-453-5838. Toll free 1-877-949-9998.


Teaching English in China with Myanmar with Geovisions Paid Teacher in Myanmar
Earn a competitive salary with generous benefits. Your teaching job can be an excellent alternative to the traditional post-graduate employment path. It is also an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, while experiencing the rich culture of the East.

Apply anytime during the calendar year. Applications accepted each month throughout the calendar year. The peak hiring season is March through September. This is a paid position with a salary of US $800 - $1,200 per month. (Highly qualified teachers can earn up to $1,800 per month.) Host schools provide assistance in finding comfortable accommodations. The salary will comfortably cover living expenses with extra for enjoying life outside of teaching.

Dates: 2015: Oct 26, Nov 30, Dec 28. Intake Dates for 2016: Feb 1, Feb 29, April 4, May 2, June 6, July 4, Aug 1, Aug 29, Oct 3, Nov 28, Dec 28.
Cost: Education degree holders or teachers with experience: $1,209 includes orientation and a guaranteed placement in a school. $1,879 includes orientation, guaranteed placement and TESOL certificate. For all other degrees the fee is $1,649 without TESOL and $2,309 taking the TESOL course in Myanmar.
Contact: GeoVisions, 63 Whitfield St. Guilford, CT 06437.
Tel.: 203-453-5838. Toll free 1-877-949-9998.

Teaching English in Thailand
Teaching English in Thailand with Geovisions
Paid Teacher in Thailand
This is a full-time, paid position to teach English in Thailand. Major intake dates are May and November, but we can fill 150 positions monthly if you're ready to go now.
ORIENTATION in the resort of Hua Hin is included for five days. You can also add on 3 more weeks of onsite TESOL training and practice teaching. We pick you up in Bangkok in our van and transfer you to Hua Hin, which is covered in your fee.
Teaching positions are available all over Thailand and the jobs are guaranteed. You get National Holidays off and accident and medical insurance. We screen 100% of the jobs. Degree holders are placed very quickly. We can also place individuals without a degree.
Come see why Thailand is called, "The Land Of Smiles."

Major intakes: May and November. But we can place up to 150 monthly during the year.
Cost: $1,659 orientation and then placement in a full time job. $2,299 one-week of orientation, three-weeks of TESOL and placement.
Contact: GeoVisions, 63 Whitfield St. Guilford, CT 06437.
Tel.: 203-453-5838. Toll free 1-877-949-9998.

Teach English and Travel China
We offer three unique Teach English programs in China. Choose from our TEFL Certification and Paid Teaching Program, Professional Teaching Program and Paid English Teaching, Training and Travel Program in Yunnan Province. Whether you want to earn TEFL certification, earn a high-paying monthly salary or travel extensively throughout your time in China, we’ve got the right program for you! Placements, which last from 4.5 months to a full year, are located throughout China and include a monthly stipend and room and board.
Teach English and Travel China Dates: Programs start in July, August, September and November.
Cost: $695 and up
Contact: InterExchange Working Abroad, 100 Wall Street, Suite 301, New York, NY 10005.
Tel.: 212-924-0446; toll-free: 1-800-597-3675.

Gaba Corporation — Teach English 1-to-1 in Japan to Motivated Adult Students
Gaba operates 38 schools in Tokyo, Yokahama, Nagoya and Osaka. We provide a stylish and professional workplace, and offer professional support and development for our teachers. Our Instructors choose their schedules on a monthly basis, and our focus is on personalized, communicative language teaching. Check our site for testimonials, applications, and lots of info on life in Japan.
  Dates: Recruiting is all year-round. 6-month contracts are available, but a 12 month- commitment required where visa-sponsorship is required.

Volunteer in Cambodia! 12 Week TEFL placement — $725
Teach English in Cambodia for 12 weeks! Adult Khmer students learn conversational English skills in affordable classes led by international volunteers. Our unique, locally relevant curriculum empowers students with tools to use English in their everyday lives and express their own culture.
Profits from student fees fund sustainable development projects in rural Cambodia. Volunteers visit projects during comprehensive orientation. On-going weekly teaching training workshops; plus Khmer language lessons, social activities, trips and more!
Accommodation + Meals available for USD$725 in secure and comfortable volunteer house; Wifi throughout, bicycles, 24/7 CCTV, and overnight security guard.
Teach English in Cambodia Dates: 1 June - 28 August, 2016; 31 August - 27 November, 2016.
Conversations With Foreigners, 247c Street 271, Toul Tompoung II, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 12311
+855 92 713 447

American University Alumni Center
Over fifty years of Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Thailand.


Paid to Teach English in Vietnam
This is an incredible way to immerse yourself in the beautiful community of Vinh. You will have an incredible experience living, working, and providing a service to the locals, as you teach students from all ages your native English language.Teachers will need to have a bachelor's degree in any discipline for paid Teach in Vietnam placements, and committed to teach for a semester or year. Shorter term placements are also available.

Jobs Pool for Teaching English in Asia

Whether you are new to Asia or have already worked here we believe that job-hunting should be a simple and stress-free experience. Asiapond has been designed to allow teachers to find the jobs that they want, where they want, quickly.


Chatteris Educational Foundation
Graduate English Language Tutors (GELTs) are placed in Hong Kong schools and given a monthly allowance and free housing for the first 2 weeks. Recent graduates preferred.

Contact: 18/F Honest Motors Bldg., 9-11 Leighton Rd., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China; 011-852-2520-5736;,

CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange
Teach English in China, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam
CIEE offers a variety of paid teaching programs in four unique countries in Asia.


Colorado China Council
Graduates from the U.S. are placed as teachers at institutes throughout China, for 6 or 11 months.

Contact: 4556 Apple Way, Boulder, CO 80301; 303-443-1108;,

ECC (Thailand)
Chain of language schools with 50 branches employing 500 native speaker teachers, who must have a bachelor’s degree and at least six months teaching experience or a CELTA entry level qualification.


English for Asia Ltd
Provides EFL-qualified teachers to primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, as well as a number of teaching centers including in Macao and Shenzhen. Also runs Trinity CertTESOL courses four times a year. .


Greenheart Travel
Get Paid to Teach at Language Schools in China, South Korea, and Thailand

Greenheart Travel offers paid teaching spots with language schools in China, South Korea, and Thailand, often with many perks. See the website for details.

Contact: Send for more information via

International Avenue Consulting Company
Recruiting agency with partner offices in Canada able to place about 100 graduates in teaching vacancies throughout Taiwan.


International TEFL Academy
TEFL TESOL Courses in Asia
Courses in Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Job placement assistance for all graduates.


Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program for U.S. Citizens
Administered by the Japanese government, it is the largest single program for teaching English. Graduating seniors and university degree holders eligible. Also offers positions for those who have studied Japanese as Coordinators of International Relations.

Visit: Complete details about the teaching program are available at

Paid internship programs for college graduates, usually teaching English, for one or two years in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam. Teachers may be responsible for transportation. Salary very much country-dependent; housing and health insurance arranged. Must interview and have orientation in Princeton.


Russell Recruiting
Teaching English in Asia
Russell Recruiting provides job seekers with ESL employment in Asia. We offer safe, reliable positions with reputable schools that treat their staff with respect. Trust us, we were once teachers too!


Teach Away Inc.
Teaching English as a Second Language Placements in Asia

We currently work with Ministries of Education and Private Language Schools in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. We also offer placements in Hong Kong, China, and Mexico. Teach Away was selected by the National Ministry of Education in Korea to provide English teachers for its renowned EPIK program. In addition, Teach Away has partnered with some of the most reputable language schools in Asia, allowing recent grads to choose from a variety of countries and programs. Teach Away, North America’s leading teacher placement organization, offers a wide variety of international jobs at Ministries of Education and Top Private Schools around the globe. Each year, hundreds of graduates explore the world and experience a new culture through Teach Away’s international teaching programs.


Teach English in Asia with TEFLCourse
Teach English in Asia WorkingAbroad
Jobs and Careers with Disney English
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