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The Complete Guide to Finding a Job Overseas

The first comprehensive guide to all aspects of international work, including work permits, planning out an international career, short-term jobs, teaching English, volunteer opportunities, international internships, K-12 and University Teaching, starting your own business, and much more. Essential reading for anyone who wants to find a job overseas.

"One of the richest resources for finding an overseas job — an oustanding guide to both short- and long-term jobs abroad. My advice: don't leave home without reading Work Abroad. It will .. change your life." — Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D., author, Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

Start a new life working abroad today 
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The Complete Guide to Traveling, Studying and Living Overseas

This is the latest comprehensive and up-to-date guide for working, studying, living, and traveling abroad. Reviews hundreds of international work, study, and travel books and organizations. Over 2,000 descriptive, country-by-country listings detail specialty travel tours, study programs, and resource information for independent travelers, seniors, families, and high school and college students. Packed full of web links to hard-to-find travel resources. This edition is revised and expanded. 262 pages.

"A nigh-well indispensable resource." — Arthur Frommer

Start a new life working abroad today