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Transitions Abroad Magazine Back Issues for the Year 2000
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Nov/Dec 2000, Vol XXIV, No. 3 Sept/Oct 2000, Vol XXIV, No. 2 July/Aug 2000, Vol XXIV, No. 1
Off-season travel, out-of-the-way places. The Mediterranean Basin, North Africa, and the Near East.
Educational Travel in the 1990's: The trends and the trendmakers. Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Newly Independent States.
Overseas Travel Planner: Programs and Key Resources for alternative Travel Planning. Travel destination...Worldwide.
May/June 2000, Vol XXIII, No. 6 Mar/Apr 2000, Vol XXIII, No. 5 Jan/Feb 2000, Vol XXIII, No. 4
Last-Minute summer plans: Summer and Fall Study/Travel Programs. The Caribbean, and Africa-South of the Sahara.
Planning for summer, activity and educational vacations. Western Europe.

Around the world travel: Short-term jobs around the world, including Teaching English Focus: Asia and the Pacific Rim.

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