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Overseas Jobs, Certifications and Articles

As the world continues its rush to learn English, still the lingua franca of international commerce, diplomacy, and higher education, the bulk of teaching opportunities abroad continue to be for those who teach English. Your primary "credential" is simply being a native speaker of the English language. A bachelor's degree is usually required. Some formal ESL training, whether in TEFL or TESOL certificate, is almost always a plus and in some cases a prerequisite if you have no previous experience. Candidates with advanced training and either a certificate in ESL or a master's degree in TESOL will have greater flexibility and command more pay. The ability to teach ESL may be all you need to obtain a job and a work permit in various countries across Asia and Latin America, and many other English teaching jobs exist in other desirable regions of the globe.

 ESL Certification Programs and Job Placements
Teach English by Region Teach English by Country
Worldwide Argentina Italy
Africa Brazil Japan
Asia Canada Korea
Australasia  Chile Mexico
Europe (Central and Eastern) China Russia
Europe (Western) Costa Rica Spain
Latin America Czech Republic Taiwan
Middle East Ecuador Thailand
  Guatemala United Kingdom
  France United States

 Featured ESL Certification Programs and Job Placements
TEFL Training with ITTT ITTT: International TEFL and TESOL Training
With in-class courses available at over 30 locations worldwide and a wide range of online courses, ITTT prepares you to teach, travel and live abroad.
Teach English with InterExchange Working Abroad Teach English with InterExchange — Perfect for New and Experienced Teachers 
InterExchange Working Abroad offers a wide variety of Teach English programs in every corner of the world, from teaching in formal classroom settings to private family tutoring as a Conversation Coach. Some programs allow you to earn a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Our current programs include France, Italy, Spain, and Thailand.
Teach English in Thailand Paid Teacher in Thailand with GEOVISIONS
This is a full-time, paid position to teach English in Thailand. Start dates throughout the year. Teaching positions are available all over Thailand and the jobs are guaranteed. You get National Holidays off and accident and medical insurance. We screen 100% of the jobs. Degree holders are placed very quickly. We can also place individuals without a degree. Come see why Thailand is called, "The Land Of Smiles."
Teach English in Prague Teach and Travel Worldwide with TEFL Worldwide Prague
TEFL Worldwide Prague is a highly reputable American owned school offering the 4-week Internationally Recognized and Accredited TEFL certificate course in the enchanting city of Prague. Become certified and gain the skills to teach English in any classroom abroad. Job placement assistance worldwide. Highly Recommended by their Graduates!
Teach English abroad Via Lingua International TEFL Programs
Via Lingua is a worldwide educational organization with schools in numerous locations. Our goal is to equip students with English language teaching skills in a professional, supportive environment. We provide students with teaching opportunities throughout their TEFL career thanks to comprehensive training.
Teach English in Argentina Teach English in Argentina with Road2Argentina
Road2Argentina offers an intensive 4-week CELTA Certification Course which leads to an internationally recognized English teaching credential for those interested in paid teaching jobs in Argentina and around the world. Most graduates of this program secure employment within a month of finishing the course are in high demand in Buenos Aires.

  Teaching English Abroad Advisor
Articles by experienced experts providing inside tips and resources for those who wish to teach ESL abroad.
Teaching English abroad in a classroom Teaching English Abroad by Randall Davis
A comprehensive introduction to teaching English, with expert tips, and fine resources for anyone contemplating a career in ESL.
Teaching english resume How to Create a Great Resume for Teaching English Abroad: A Guide to Landing Your First Job by John Clites
Our TEFL Abroad columnist explores how to land your (first) job teaching English, and why preparing the appropriate resume is critical. Here is a detailed guide explaining how to do so, complete with examples.
Teaching English as stepping stone Teaching English Overseas: A Stepping Stone to International Careers by Jean-Marc Hachey
There are many motivations to teach English, and the quantity of ESL jobs available around the world may also provide a path to other international careers.
Living abroad for four years Teach English Online: Your Ticket to the World by John Clites
A very experienced expat and successful teacher of English, our ESL columnist for years, has developed an online course allowing you to earn income while living abroad or at home. Multi-media guides help you through the steps necessary to build a client base that will pay you to teach conversational English from any location you choose using online tools such as Skype.
Teaching jobs abroad are recession-proof Why Teaching English Abroad is a Recession-Proof Job Option by Michael G. Hines
Teaching is one of the most secure jobs available overseas and it is also a great way to extend your time traveling and living abroad.
John Teaching Is Teaching English as a Foreign Language Right For You? by John Clites
One of the key questions relating to teaching English based upon John's own unique experience.
Long-Term Jobs Teaching English Abroad
William Nolting and Anthony Hand discuss how teaching English has become one of the most common long-term jobs for post-graduates and provide extensive resources.
How To Create a Great Web Resume to Get an English Teaching Job 
A.J. Hoge provides practical directions for any prospective teacher of English regarding how to create a great resume when seeking to land a job abroad.
Choosing a TEFL Course Abroad: What to Do Before Starting Your Internet Search
Tiffany L. Hendrix reports that before starting an Internet TEFL program search you must be realize that many jobs teaching English abroad now require an advanced degree from a reputable institution.
The TEFL Job Interview: The Ten Most Important Questions to Ask
Jonathan Clark offers practical advice for those seeking a job teaching English overseas.
Top 10 Tips for Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Jann Huizenga provides tips for the first few months teaching English abroad.

 Teaching English Abroad Participant Reports
We feature below a wide-ranging sample of participants' reports written by those who have traveled long-term and worked abroad teaching English. Teachers describe their experiences while providing inside resources for others to do the same.

 Teaching English in Asia and Southeast Asia
Jobs Teaching English in Asia
Susan Griffith provides a resource-intensive overview of the job possibilities in Asia.
Teach English in China with Worldteach Best Countries to Teach English in Asia by Michael Hines
In addition to sharing large areas of the world's largest continent, many nations in Asia are also sharing another striking similarity: most are experiencing strong demand for English teachers. From South Korea to Vietnam, Asian countries are in high gear towards getting their population to learn the lingua franca of globalization...
Teaching English China by location Teaching English in China: Work and Live in a Great Location
Nick and Dariece provide a guide to help you research and find a great city or town in the vast country of China to teach English and live.
Teaching English to a kindergarden class in China Teaching English and Living in Yangzhou, China
Nick and Dariece spent a memorable year of complete immersion teaching English to kindergartners and living in Yangzhou, and describe their experience. They also managed to make lasting friends, create many memories, and save quite a bit of money in the process.
Statue of Buddha in Bangkok Teaching English and Living in Bangkok by Nathan Edgerton
Bangkok has a high demand for English teachers in many different types of schools, from corporate training centers to small private schools to public schools with 50 students per class. There are opportunities for beginning teachers as well as those with more experience...
Live and Teach in Thailand or Taiwan Live and Teach English in Thailand or Taiwan? A Guide to Choose the Best Country for You by Michael Plews
Fortunately for anyone with experience who is trying to compare the merits of these two unique countries, both currencies now have a very similar exchange rate. We will make a comparison, inherently somewhat subjective, of some of the key aspects of each country that can make living and teaching a memorable and rewarding experience.
Teaching English in China
Practical advice on finding a job teaching English in China, warning about possible pitfalls.
How to Choose Your First Job Teaching English in China
Gregory Mavrides offers an expert overview and advice on how to go about the process of selecting your first Job Teaching English in China.
The Guide to Finding an English Teaching Job in China
A guide on how to go about finding work and the necessary visa to teach English.
Teaching English in China: Choose the Right School
A primer on the various types of places and schools in China to teach English.
Teaching English in Taiwan
Newley Purnell offers a thorough description of the lucrative jobs available teaching English in Taiwan, and provides tips for enjoying its rich culture
Teaching English in Japan: How to Get Started
Inside information on finding jobs teaching English in Japan, including how to get started and what to expect.
Teaching and Living in Japan: How to Do It and What to Expect
A practical guide to teaching English and Living in Japan by an experienced ESL teacher.
How to Find an English Teaching Job from Inside Japan
A step-by-step guide on how to go about finding work and a visa to teach English in Japan.
Teaching English in Japan: The Internet Job Search
A.J. Hoge provides tips for making the best use of the Web in order to search for and land a good job teaching English in Japan.
Japan's JET Program: Join Japan's Leading ESL Training and Job Placement Program
Inside tips on teaching English in Japan with the unique JET program.
The Guide to Teaching English and Living in South Korea
A snapshot of the world of teaching English and Living in South Korea, where the economically booming and transitioning country is swept up in a fever to learn the language, by Tom Gates.
Teaching English and Living in Thailand: Do Your Homework Before Choosing a Job Abroad 
A guide to teaching in a beautiful land by Lindy Sinka
Teaching English in Thailand: The 10 Day Job Search 
A.J. Hoge tells you how to find jobs teaching English in Thailand within 10 days of stepping off the plane.
Teaching English in Chiang Mai: A Step-by-Step Guide  
A guide to teaching English in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Teaching English and Living in Vietnam: A Southeast Asia Giant
Expert author Nathan Edgerton provides a guide to teaching English and living in Vietnam. The options are almost endless.
Teaching English in Malaysia
Emile Alexander Dodds reports on the type of work available for English teachers in Malaysia.

 Teaching English in Latin America
Teaching English in Latin America
Susan Griffith provides a resource-intensive overview of the job possibilities abroad in Latin America.
Teaching English and Living in Brazil What You Need to Know to Teach English in South America by James Burt
The continent has long been attractive for English teachers eager for new experiences involving such activities as Samba music, mountain trekking, and other long, hot summer nightlife pleasures while earning a living teaching English to the locals. But unlike certain global areas with a much more rigorous application, interview, and hiring process that involve visas or housing appropriations, many countries in South America often utilize less a rigid system of employing teachers.
Brazilian sea Teaching English and Living in Brazil by John Clites
There is a very high demand for English teachers in Brazil and that demand will only increase in the foreseeable future. Many factors create the demand, including: flourishing tourism, expanding international trade, a burgeoning oil and gas industry, and the Olympic Games.
Teaching English and Living in Mexico as a Mex-Pat
Jonathan Clark provides inside tips on finding work teaching English in Mexico, and offers a variety of perspectives from the many mex-pats.
Teaching English in Costa Rica: How to Prepare
Advice on finding work teaching English in a country where teachers are in great demand.
Teaching English in Costa Rica
A story and many valuable resources useful for finding jobs teaching English throughout Costa Rica.
Teaching English in Ecuador: Adventure Awaits at Latitude Zero
Newley Purnell relates his joyful experience teaching English in Ecuador.
Teaching English in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cara Pulick writes about the many options to teach in the "Paris of South America."
How to Find Jobs Teaching English in Santiago, Chile
Practical tips on how to finding work as a teacher in Santiago.

 Teaching English in Western Europe
Teaching English in Europe
Susan Griffith provides a resource-intensive overview of the job possibilities in Europe.
Teaching English in France as an Assistant 
Kelby Hartson Carr describes a great opportunity for young Americans to find work teaching English in France.
Teaching English in France: A Guide to Success 
Step-by-step advice on how to find work teaching English in France.
Teaching English in Paris, France: Where There is a Will There is a Way
Practical and realistic tips for finding a job teaching English in Paris, France.
Teach English in Spain: Open Up Opportunities
An experience on the Teach in Spain program with CIEE transformed the life of the Sagan Pope, led her to 5 years in the country and to success thereafter.
Teach English Abroad in Spain: That Is, If You Want To
The advantages of working as an English language assistant in a program sponsored by the government.
Teach English in Italy: Insider Knowledge on Landing a Job in a Public School
Emma Bird on her experience teaching at an Italian public school.
Teaching English in Switzerland
Finding work teaching English in Switzerland is not easy, but the author does provide inside tips and resources.

 Teaching English in Central and Eastern Europe
Teaching English in Central and Eastern Europe
Susan Griffith provides a resource-intensive overview of the job possibilities in Central and Eastern Europe.
Teaching English in Russia: Demand for English Teachers Exceeds Supply
The many options for jobs teaching English in Russia reported by long-term expat Robert Leitch.
Teaching English in the Czech Republic
What is involved in teaching in the new Czech Republic, part of the EU, as described by long-time teacher Pearl Harris.

 Teaching English Abroad in the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean and Africa
The Eastern Mediterranean: English Teachers in Demand
Susan Griffith provides a resource-intensive overview of the job possibilities in the Eastern Mediterranean.
Teaching English in Istanbul: A Cultural Crossroads
Andrew K. Burger describes the great demand for teachers in the lively "Queen of all Cities" in Turkey.
Teach English in the Middle East
Michael G. Hines offers a practical overview and description of the requirements for teaching English abroad in the Middle East, breaking work visa requirements down by country.
Working, Living, and Teaching English in Saudi Arabia as a Woman
The salaries are notoriously high in Saudi Arabia, while teaching as a woman presents unique challenges to which women can adapt, according to Kim Lyon
Teaching English in Morocco
Author of a fine book on Morocco, Lucas M. Peters describes what you need to know to teach English in a beautiful land, with very hospitable people, where jobs are ever increasing.

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Teach English abroad with Geovisions
Teaching English Abroad with TEFL Worldwide Prague
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