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Student to Student Articles
Photo by Heather Olafsson at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.
From The Who What Where Why When of Living Abroad in Spain.

The Student-to-Student section features articles in which currently enrolled or recently graduated students share information and experience with other students contemplating an educational experience abroad, whether formal study abroad, volunteering, or work abroad. Students write articles that emphasize essential practical information such as: how they selected a program or arranged their own independent study or job or internship.

 Student-to-Student Articles
Study Abroad Advice
Study Abroad by Country
Student Travel Abroad
Work, Volunteer and Intern Abroad as a Student
Living Abroad as a Student
 Study Abroad Student to Student Advice
Study Abroad Advising 101
Isabel Eva Bohrer describes the study abroad advising process from the student's perspective — how to plan, get advice, and select the right program for you, complete with a worksheet to bring to your advisor.
Learning Abroad: Anyone (and Anything) Can Teach You a Lesson
Olivia Victoria Andrzejczak describes her endless desire to learn, which has resulted in multiple study abroad experiences at top universities across Europe.
Before, During and After: How to Prepare for your Departure and Return...and Find a Dream Job in the Field of International Education
Student Writer's Contest 2nd place winner Jennifer Hare provides advice for those who have studied abroad and wish to stay in a related field.
Real or Virtual Study Abroad?
Isabel Eva Bohrer offers her advice on how to strike a balance between cultural immersion with locals and staying connected back home.
Why Go Abroad?
Kristin Hayes describes her decision to study abroad at Oxford after college and provides tips based upon her own rewarding experience.
Choosing a Study Abroad Program
Lara Rauba provides a checklist for selecting a study abroad program, along with key resources to help you along in the process.
How to Research and Select an Overseas Program or Organization
Thomas Noonan describes six ways to research and select an overseas program or organization in order to ensure a rewarding experience and avoid unpleasant surprises.
Study Abroad: A Ten Step Preparation
Student Alia K. Santini provides a practical list of the steps for students which discuss how to research, choose, apply, pack and prepare for the unexpected.
Seven Ways to Succeed: Study Abroad is Not For the Easily Discouraged 
Genevieve Wareham offers insights on making the study abroad experience a success.
Study Abroad: The Benefits of Waiting 
Michael Kay describes the many advantages of study abroad after graduation, citing his own experience learning Spanish in Mexico.
Planning for Study Abroad in Developing Countries
Student Writer's Contest winner Meridith Alt on options for study abroad in developing countries worldwide.
Graduate Study Abroad
Jessica P. Hayden summarizes the wide variety of study abroad programs available worldwide and provides primary resources for prospective students who wish to continue their education overseas.
Gap Year Essentials: A Student Persective
Isabel Eva Bohrer offers practical tips and advice as a student experienced in a variety of gap year programs.
The Case for Summer Study Abroad
Stephanie Teague describes the primary advantages of participating in summer programs.
Independent Grants: Tips for Creating a Successful Study Proposal
Greg Lestikow on creating a successful study abroad proposal in order to obtain an independent grant.
Planning for Study Abroad
Gloria J. Bennett says that because study abroad is one of the most important investments you can make, you should consider your options. She provides a fundamental list of questions to ask your study abroad coordinator.
International Fellowships and Scholarships
Erin Alisa Guntly provides insider advice and resources on the opportunities for international Fellowships and Scholarships. Such sponsored forms of study abroad are often the path for a student to an international career.
Which Way to Go? American Programs Abroad vs. Direct University Enrollment
Jillian Schedneck offers her experience with this difficult but important question for students concerning educational options when deciding how and where to study abroad.
Go For the Full Degree: Direct Enrollment in an International University
Everett Sizemore on the advantages of direct enrollment in an international university to gain a degree - in this case in Australia.
Winning a Grant to Work Overseas: A Step-by-Step Guide
Preethi Burkholder provides practical information about what you need to know and do to obtain a grant to work overseas.
The Study Abroad Office from the Student Perspectives
Stacey Bolton and Susan Lochner report on their internships at their respective study abroad offices.
Study Abroad on a Budget
Spencer Klein on how to study abroad on a budget through a little bit of research on creating your own program.
Cultural Transitions Abroad
Laura Higgins Florand discusses how to handle such issues as "Overseas Helplessness Syndrome" in order to make successful cultural transitions as a student.
Beyond the Comfort Zone: "I Would Do It All Again in a Second"
Kate Gustafson reports on her decision as a student to venture into unknown territory in Nepal and then the more familiar Western land of Scotland. She developed new perspectives studying and living in each country. But given a choice, she would opt for the less "comfortable" world she found in Nepal where her initial fears were transformed into enchantment.
Monolingualsim Can Be Cured: Learning a Language as an Adult Can Actually Be Fun
Laura Higgins Florand expounds on the joys of learning a language at any age, thereby avoiding the restrictive monolingualism which pervades the U.S. - even among college students.
Stop Ethnocentrism! A Case for Enjoying Armchair Multiculturalism
Laura Higgins Florand on overcoming an American tendency towards ethnocentrism though exposure to the arts, food and culture of another people even while in your native country.
Extracurriculars Abroad: How to Get Credit for Offbeat Courses
Leah Bloom describes how to gain academic credit from more exotic or offbeat courses taken while studying abroad.
What Your Study Abroad Advisor Will Not Tell You
Elizabeth R. DeHoff describes important practical issues when being a student abroad.
Sharing the Overseas Experience with Relatives and Friends
Tamula Drumm on sharing the study abroad experience with your family in order to help them understand how it has affected you.
Solo Study Abroad
Ray Bangs on the rewards of solo study abroad, where personal planning can result in student credit and deeper cultural immersion.
Medical Study Abroad
Lev G. Fedyniak describes medical study abroad opportunities in overseas schools and highlights the advantages.
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 Study Abroad Country Reports
What You Should Know About Studying and Living in Istanbul, Turkey
David Joshua Jennings, winner of's 2011 Student Writing Contest, offers his experience and many practical inside tips for studying and living in Istanbul—a unique city immersed in culture and history.
What to Know About Studying Abroad in Madrid
Alexei Koseff, winner of's 2010 Student Writing Contest, provides some excellent advice about what you need to know when you are studying abroad in Madrid, including tips on living in and traveling through Spain.
Study in France
Wendy Lyons reflects on her experience as a student in France and also provides profiles of others who studied in different programs throughout France.
Immersion in Italy: Study Abroad Outside a Program
Ivan Fehrenbach describes alternatives to the standard study abroad program in Italy.
Travel, Study, and Work in Scotland: Finding a Way to Extend Your Stay
Robert Lovik describes how he managed to study, travel, and work in Scotland as well describing the visa process required to extend his time in a land which enchanted him.
Sports and Study in the U.K.
Bruce Myint discusses his experience playing tennis at Cambridge as a student. Participation in a local sport oppened up opportunities to meet people from around the world while studying for his Master's degree in the U.K.
Study Abroad in Finland
Zachary Sorrells shares his study abroad experience in Finland and provides tips for others to follow in his path.
Study in Canada
Heidi Schmaltz provides an excellent overview of the academic, cultural, and legal issues involved in studying in Canada.
Study in Quebec
Christine Irons offers up the lessons she learned as a student of French adjusting to life in Quebec.
Irish Literature in Dublin: Disability Does Not Prevent Study Abroad
Johana Schwartz describes her remarkable experience as a student in Dublin, where she studied James Joyce and appreciated Ireland's hospitable and open-minded attitude towards the disabled.
Study Abroad in London or Belize?
Sara Cooley weighed the options between study abroad in the big city of London or amidst the natural wonders of Belize. After research, she opted for a semester as a student in both locations.
Study Abroad in Chile: Learning Acceptance of New Ideas
Tamara Smith shares the mind-opening experiences and insights gained while studying and living abroad in Chile.
Immersion in Chile: For Successful Study Abroad Prepare Carefully, Then Let Go and Learn
Hannah Shanks offers her own tips for immersion in another culture while a student.
Study Abroad in Tanzania: On Borders, Bananas, and Being Back
Danae Roumis reflects on the transformative power of study abroad based upon on own her experience studying and living in Tanzania.
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 Work, Volunteer and Intern Abroad as a Student
Study Abroad Increases Your Professional Job Prospects
Isabel Eva Bohrer, explains why study abroad increases your international career and job prospects while using the data gathered by IES Abroad to substantiate her analysis.
How to Work Abroad After College
Katie Kreuger describes her transition from college study to work abroad, and provides helpful tips for graduating students who are contemplating taking the plunge overseas.
Why More Graduates Live and Work Abroad
Alexa Hackbarth describes the motives and practical realities which explain why more and more college graduates are living abroad and seeking international jobs.
Reasons to Work Abroad After Graduation
Tamara Hughes writes a practical yet inspirational piece on why you should seek an overseas experience working after your student years.
Make Your Own Opportunities: A College Graduate’s Guide to Working and Volunteering Abroad
Based upon her experience, Caitlin Elizabeth Oberst provides a college graduate’s guide to internship work and volunteering abroad.
How to Live and Work Abroad
Rob Atchison, with only a degree and a desire to travel, describes his job experience in Italy and provides resources for other college students to do the same.
Finding Business Internships Abroad 
Mike Kerlin describes in practical terms how to use cold calling and networking to find prime business internship jobs abroad in the private sector - as he did in Mexico and Brazil.
English Teaching Programs Sponsored by Governments Abroad
Isabel Eva Bohrer describes a variety of government organizations abroad where students may teach in customized English programs and contrasts this way of teaching with standard TEFL.
Contemplate Travel and Work Abroad Before Graduate School
Brooke Schedneck finds that with ample research, travel and work abroad before starting advanced study at home are a uniquely rewarding and not mutually exclusive combination.
Journalism Workshops: Take a Short Course in Prague on the Craft of International Journalism
Dana Owens describes a unique opportunity to study journalism in a multi-cultural setting.
Combine Study and Work Abroad
Alicia Seegers Martinelli describes the enlightening independent research she conducted while engaged in volunteer work teaching English with Worldteach in Chile.
Volunteer Work at an Archeological Dig in Greece
Josiah Ramsay Johnston describes exciting and inspiring volunteer summer work at an archeological dig in Greece.
Studying and Interning in Bavaria: The Keys to a Successful Experience Abroad
Alison LaRose uses her experience studying and interning in Germany to provide practical inside tips on how to get the most out of your experience abroad.
Teaching English in Japan with the Jet Programme
Andrew Parker describes his adventurous experience teaching English in Japan as a student just out of college.
IAESTE Exchange in Spain: Technical Experience and Cultural Immersion
Chad Brewer reports on his internship with IAESTE in the aerospace department of an engineering company located outside Madrid.
Internship Opportunities in China
Christopher Moore lays out the internship opportunities available in China and provides resources for students to do so.
Finding Work Abroad Teaching English in Spain: Where There's a Will There's a Way
Amy Kirkcaldy provides tips based upon her post-graduate experience finding work in Spain teaching English.
U.S. State Department Internships
Kristin Stewart reports that State Department internships may be of interest to any student interested in foreign policy, business, environmental issues, human rights, and cultural affairs or related international issues.
Volunteer Workcamps: An Inexpensive and Rewarding Way to Go
Angelica Leone describes her rewarding experience volunteering in France at a workcamp after being a language student in Aix-en-Provence.
At Home Abroad: Connecting to Italy Through Volunteer Work
Lisa Hadesman decided to seek out volunteer work in Italy as a student in order to connect more closely with the culture.
Volunteer Service Programs
Russell Carlock describes volunteer service programs abroad in which students and people of all ages can make a difference.
Teach Dance Around the World
Laura Higgins Florand on her work while a student teaching dance abroad.
Volunteer Service as a Student in Mexico
Jamie Frederick went to Mexico during spring break while a student, but not to party. Instead she volunteered to help children in need and found the experience far more rewarding.
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 Student Travel Abroad
Going Solo Abroad as a Student
Marie D. Conner provides tips for other students contemplating a solo trip abroad.
Solo Backpacking Through Europe
Sarah Protzman provides practical tips on solo backpacking in Europe.
Traveling Abroad as a Student
Kimberly Singletary reflects upon the transformative experience.
Key Travel Tips for Students
Alice Driver offers fundamental tips for fellow students traveling overseas.
Anti-Americanism Abroad
Amy Johnson describes a frank discussion among Boston College students who have studied abroad about perceived anti-American sentiments overseas.
Travel in Developing Countries
Julienne Gage describes how to stay alive and healthy as a student and beyond while traveling in developing countries.
Accessible Travel Abroad
Shannon Cun Lin Hy on study abroad opportunities for students with disabilities.
Budget Travel in the U.K.
Gary Loach provides links to organizations who enable budget travel as a student in the U.K.
A Semester in London
Carrie O'Maley on a voyage of self-discovery during her student semester in London.
Travel and Study in Australia
Lisa Sholk recounts leaving her comfort zone to take a rewarding journey to Australia as a student.
In-Between Cultures: Cultural Immersion in Bangalore, India
Diana Jue on how her experience while studying abroad in Bangalore, India led her to insights gained from cultural immersion in a city full of unexpected contrasts.
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 Living Abroad as a Student
Student Living in London
Augusta Wilson describes how to go about finding off-campus housing while living and studying abroad in the expensive city of London.
Cost Cutting Tips for Students in London
Juliette Diggs offers tips on cutting costs while living in expensive London.
Livin' it Up in London
Maureen O’Hara describes how live it up in London as a student.
Living, Working, and Studying in Manchester
Gary Loach on living as a student in Manchester, England.
Livin' La Vida Espana: Reasons to Live in Spain—Apart from Studying
Amy Frey on enjoying cultural immersion while living in Spain as a student.
Madrid is Meat: Learning a Culture Through its Food
Cara Nissman learned as a student that one way to immerse herself in Spanish culture was by appreciating the food those in Madrid ate and prepared.
A Journey of Self Discovery: Understanding Differences Through Studying Abroad
Kristen Clark takes us on her journey of self-discovery in Rome, Italy, where she found that study abroad led to understanding cultural differences and resulted in great personal growth.
A Practical Guide for Students in Australia
Christian Thorkildsen provides practical tips to prepare a prospective student for life in Australia.
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