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Study Abroad in Italy

Bologna’s Piazza Maggiore during a national religious festival.
Photo by Eamee C Lanning, winner of the 2008 Student Writing Contest, from Study Abroad in Bologna: Slowing Down and Discovering the Good Life in Italy.

In the Student Participant Reports section, students returning from abroad write reports or articles which evaluate a program based on their own first-hand experience. Informational sidebars often provide details on the program (contact info, costs, etc.) and a selection of similar programs—with contact info—so that other students can plan a similar experience.
Study Abroad in Bologna: Slowing Down and Discovering the Good Life in Italy
Winner of the 2008 Student Writing Contest, Eamee C. Lanning, describes a year of study abroad at the University of Bologna, and weaves the experience into her appreciation of the good life in Italy
Learning The Second Time Around: An Odyssey Studying, Working, and Living Abroad
Nicole Tobin takes us a personal Odyssey through the many study and work abroad programs in which she participated across Europe while offering advice to all those who have an insatiable in their desire to live and learn overseas
RISD Travel Course: “Switzerland + Beyond” — A Glimpse at Some of the Great Art and Architecture in Europe
Isabel Eva Bohrer describes the type of travel course in which she participated through the RISD program, where she was brought into contact with some of the great art and architecture of Europe. She also provides resources for other such courses as well as practical advice for fellow students.
Studying Abroad in Madrid through Middlebury College
Isabel Bohrer describes her life-changing experience studying and living in Madrid, while providing many useful resources.
Living and Studying in the Languedoc Region of Southern France
Lola Pak describes her transformative study, tavel and living experience with the UGA program in Languedoc, France.
Study Abroad at the Sorbonne in Paris, France
Courtney Lichterman describes her experience studying in the Cours de Civilisation at the Sorbonne in Paris, and provides practical tips on housing and life as student in this famous historical educational landmark in France.
Studying Abroad in Paris with Columbia University
Isabel Eva Bohrer describes her experience studying and living in Paris, France through the Columbia study abroad program.
Study at Nottingham University in England: Tips From a Study Abroad Graduate
Elizabeth L. Hatt offers useful tips on learning, traveling, and living overseas based upon her own study abroad experience in Nottingham, England.
In Search of Leo Africanus: Duke Students Retrace Early Modern History
Miriam Cooke, Bruce Lawrence and Kevin Fogg describe an incredible study abroad immersion experience retracing the steps of Leo Africanus in early modern history.
Study Abroad in China at Chinese Universities
Study abroad in China increased by 90% in 2005. Sarah Bivins offers a first-hand report of a year of travel and study.
CELTA Course Survival in Rome, Italy
Alison Harley provides a realistic view into what is involved in being a CELTA student—in her case she chose Rome for her studies with IH World.
Teaching Internships Aiding Communities with Global Routes
Brianne Goodspeed on the Global Routes Teaching Internship Program, which enables young adults to teach and aid communities in the developing world.
Combine Study and Work Abroad with Worldteach
Alicia Seegers Martinelli describes the enlightening independent research she conducted while engaged in volunteer work teaching English with Worldteach in Chile.
Living and Learning in Oxford
Emily Hilk, winner of the 2005 Transitions Abroad student writing contest, paints a vivid picture of life and study abroad in Oxford, England.
Student's Guide to Study Abroad
Student Writer's Contest winner in 2000, Chanomi Maxwell-Parish, discusses how to go about selecting a study abroad program.
Postgraduate Study Abroad in Manchester, England
Andrea Berg describes a wonderful postgraduate year of study in the lively city of Manchester in the U.K.
The Experiment in International Living Experience: Homestays Promote Cross-Cultural Understanding
Leah Cano describes her homestay experience while a student in Switzerland.
Teaching English as an Assistant in France
Sarah Wilson on how she found work teaching as an English assistant in France through the French Ministry of Education.
Extended Stays and Study Abroad in Munich, Germany
Heather Wynn describes the low-cost options for study abroad in Munich, Germany and profiles some programs while offering links to others.
Study and Internship in Germany
Matthew M. Pierle studied and interned in the former East Bloc city of Erfurt at the satellite campus for Horticulture and Landscape Architecture with the The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals (CBYX) program.
Study in Athens, Greece
Peter A. von Bleichert profiles the American College of Greece in Athens, where one can study the rich cultural history while enjoying travel and living in a wondrous land.
Study in Florence and Prague
Kenyon Whitehead's experiences on two different study abroad programs - one in Prague and one in Florence - taught him that researching your selection is critical.
Study Abroad in China with the School for International Training
Lesley R. Turnbull's participant report relates her experience studying, traveling and living in China with SIT.
Summer Study in Scandinavia
Roger Norum profiles schools across Scandinavia which offer rich programs for students.
Study Abroad in Helsinki Summer School as a Mature Student
Audrey Faye Henderson describes her experience as a mature student in the Helsinki Summer School program, while painting a picture of life in Helsinki.
Study in Russia
Joshua Hartshorne describes some of the inexpensive study programs in Russia which provide an engagement with Russia's rich cultural life and history.
Art Study in Mexico
Kelly Nicholls on the options available to those who wish to study art - many have come to work and live as artists - in the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende.
Study in Mexico and Cuba
Anna Laird Barto describes her study abroad and cultural immersion experiences in Mexico and Cuba.
Gay and Lesbian Study Abroad
Autumn Tallman discusses the relative lack of information which deter some from overseas travel and study abroad, while highlighting one Spanish language program in Mexico which directly addresses Gay and Lesbian issues.
Study Abroad in Costa Rica
Ariele Foster reports on how she prepared for her study abroad experience with ICADS in Costa Rica.
A Revolutionary Education in El Salvador
Jennifer Re reflects upon her transformative experience and revolutionary education while studying in El Salvador with Casa de la Solidaridad.
Spanish Studies in Buenos Aires
Sarah Tonner on her experience studying Spanish at the University of Belgano in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Exchange Program in the Amazon
Shoshanna Sumka describes a program in the Amazon in Ecuador which immerses students into local ecology.
Volunteer in Ecuador
Kate Gustafson relates her experience receiving environmental education while volunteering through the Fundacion Zoobreviven program in the Alto Choco cloud forest.
Study at Bond University in Australia
Jackie Desmarais describes her rewarding experience at Bond University in Australia, whose academic year calendar matched that of the U.S. and allowed her to return home during the holidays.
Teaching in Australia
Peter Burnside on fulfilling student graduation requirements while visiting a welcoming country where language is no barrier.
At Home in Dharmsala
Jennifer Langenbach describes her experience with the School for International's Tibetan Program and the resulting realization that she was a world citizen.
IT Study in Malaysia: Inexpensive Education in a Multicultural Environment
Steve Coyle reports on the incredible experience of living in Malaysia while gaining an excellent education for a technical career.
Volunteer Exchange Service in Ghana
Caroline McKay on her unforgettable experience as a student volunteer in Ghana with AFS.
Rotary Fosters International Ties
Eric Stewart describes some of the many exchange and volunteer programs offered by Rotary International for students and young professionals around the world.
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