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Student Life at La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica: Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in the Middle of a Rainforest by Marta Magellan
Study Abroad in Costa Rica with ICADS by Ariele Foster
Study Abroad in Costa Rica with ICADS an interview with Sandra Kinghorn
Study Abroad in Costa Rica: A Student Participant Report by Chanomi Maxwell-Parish
See programs and articles on studying Spanish in Costa Rica for more on language schools.

API in Costa Rica
offers comprehensive semester, summer and year study abroad and volunteer programs in San Joaquin de Flores and San Jose, Costa Rica. In both locations students can focus on Latin American culture, Spanish language, and environmental conservation. Students in San Jose can also take classes in English.


ICADS Field Course in Resource Management and Sustainable Development
The Institute for Central American Development Studies, (ICADS) offers an interdisciplinary semester program in Costa Rica focusing on development from ecological, socio-economic perspectives. Semester includes: 4 weeks of intensive Spanish and social issues, 5 weeks in the field in managed and natural ecosystems learning methodologies of field research in social and natural sciences (banana transnationals, traditional agriculture, community cooperatives; cloud forest and watershed management); 5 weeks of independent research - working in rural communities. Fall and spring semesters with academic credit.

Contact: Institute for Central American Development Studies c/o ICADS, Dept. 826, P.O. Box 025216, Miami, Florida 33102-5216;;

Spanish, Ecology, Latin American Studies in Heredia and Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Even if you have had no previous Spanish language experience, you can study Spanish in Costa Rica or take elective courses in English. The Spanish spoken in Costa Rica is considered one of the purest and easiest to understand in Latin America. Our study abroad program in San José, Costa Rica offers a wide range of courses in areas such as Ecology and Environmental Studies, International Business & Economics, and Latin American Studies, among others. You will also have the opportunity of doing volunteer work, learning to dance to popular Latin American music, and immersing yourself in Costa Rican culture.


Universidad Veritas
Learn Spanish in Costa Rica
Learn Spanish in a certified University in arts, design and architecture, 4 weeks courses, courses with ticos, adventure destiny. Ecology, Marine, Ecoturisim, photography and a lot of different courses.


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