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Virtual jobs Why a Virtual Job is the Best Job for Working Abroad by Tim Leffel
In an extract from his fine new book, "A Better Life at Half the Price," Leffel explores the many options for virtual jobs abroad, an increasingly popular combination of work, long-term travel, and living abroad offering incredible flexibility.
Top Jobs Abroad for Travelers Top Jobs Abroad for Long-Term Travelers by Jonathon Engels
17 short-term jobs available to those who wish to extend their long-term travels indefinitely.
Dharamsala host family How to Select the Right International Program: 10 Key Steps by Rachel Rueckert
With the plethora of study, volunteer, work, and other programs abroad available, how do you determine the one best for you in the short- and long-term? The winner of the 2014 Student Travel Writing Contest breaks it down, and provides advice based upon experience .
Finding Your First Job Abroad How to Find Your First Paid Job Overseas by Zahara Heckscher
I understand the dilemma of the first time international job seeker: You cannot get a job overseas unless you have experience. But how do you get experience if you cannot get a job? I will share five proven strategies to break out of this Catch-22..
Finding Your First Job Abroad Why Volunteer Overseas? Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer for Any Age by Zahara Heckscher
An experienced volunteer, activist, teacher, and author explores in a unique manner a very important subject and activity.
Volunteering overseas over 50 Over 50 and Volunteering Overseas by John Dwyer
Well over 50 and still volunteering overseas, John describes his vast and unusual experience. He offers seniors and volunteers of all ages advice and accumulated resources John joined the Peace Corps in 1991 at age 56 to make a difference.
Vietnam language school Teaching English and Living in Vietnam: A Southeast Asia Giant by Nathan Edgerton
The guide to teaching English and living in Vietnam—where the options are almost endless—by an expert and author.
Teaching English China location Teaching English in China: Work and Live in a Great Location
Nick and Dariece provide a guide to help you find the right location in China for you, be it big city or smaller town, to teach English and live.
Early mankind in Tanzania The Hadzabe of Tanzania: Visiting My Own Ancestors by James Michael Dorsey
How often are you allowed into a clan who live as did early humanity, able to observe and even asked to participate in primordial rituals that represent the essence of our existence? The author describes the experience vividly.
8 Ways to Become a Great Travel Writer 8 Ways to Become a Better Travel Writer: Great Storytellers are Perpetual Students by Dr. Jessica Voigts
Jessica links travel writing, education, and experience by showing how the greatest storytellers learn endlessly throughout their lives to hone their art.
Europe rentals Budget Vacation Rental Apartments in Europe with Local Hospitality by Lies Ouwerkerk
Staying in vacation rentals in Europe is an inexpensive and immersive way to travel while also enjoying local hospitality.
Nicholas Kristof A Path Appears A Path Appears — Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity: An Interview with Nicholas D. Kristof
Nicholas D. Kristof discusses an important new book cowritten with his wife, "A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity," with John Dwyer. Nicholas goes on to discuss related issues such as volunteering abroad, and other ways individuals can make a positive impact around the world in terms of changing lives and tackling inequality.
Brazilian sea How to Stay an Expat Indefinitely: 10 Tips from a Decade on the Move by Jonathon Engels
After 10 years living around the world, working on a variety of jobs, Jonathon describes his unique experiences and provides some time-tested tips for prospective expats.
Studying in Bhutan
Study and Living as an Expat in Bhutan by Catherine Joy Perkins
2014 Expatriate Writing Contest 2nd Place Winner
A student vividly describes life studying and living abroad in the fabled land of Bhutan with Wheaton College.
Monks in China China’s Ethnic and Cultural Diversity: Along Yunnan’s Ancient Tea and Horse Caravan Road by Lies Ouwerkerk
A beautifully-illustrated voyage deep into the diverse Yunnan tea and horse caravan road in China leads to a plethora of interesting rituals and experiences with the many local subcultures.
Internships with AIESEC What is the Value of an International Internship in Today's Job Market?
In an interview with AIESEC, the largest internship internship organization in the world, we ask senior members key questions and receive useful answers.
15 questions to ask for a job abroad 15 Important Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Abroad by Matt Scott
A practical and realistic look at what is involved in seeking and finding rewarding work overseas from one who is experienced in doing so worldwide, and continues to do so in France at this very moment...
Brazilian sea A Guide to Teaching English and Living in Brazil by John Clites
There is a very high demand for English teachers in Brazil, and that demand will only increase in the foreseeable future. Demand is fueled by a number of factors: flourishing tourism, expanding international trade, a burgeoning oil and gas industry, and the looming Olympic Games...
Living in Mexico Living in Mexico: The Why, How, and Where by Tim Leffel
Inside tips from an experienced expat who researched and made the move abroad happen.
Temple in Bangkok Teaching English and Living in Bangkok by Nathan Edgerton
Bangkok has a high demand for English teachers in many different types of schools, from corporate training centers to small private schools to public schools with 50 students per class. There are opportunities for beginning teachers as well as those with more experience.
Top Internship Programs Abroad Top Programs Offering Internships Abroad by Chelsea Baldwin
Participating in a international internship offers a travel experience like no other as you are both a foreigner and live the life of a local. Internships are the key to gain experience and earn credibility with future employers...
Work Your Way Around the World
Short-Term Work Abroad
Susan Griffith, Work Abroad Contributing Editor for Transitions Abroad, offers a selection of key employers for short-term and summer jobs overseas. Susan also provides an overview with essential resources for those who are seeking work teaching English in Asia, Latin America, Western Europe, and Central and Eastern Europe. Work Abroad as an Au Pair or a Nanny offers extensive details and links for in-demand jobs in Europe.
Living Abroad in Costa Rica
Living Abroad in Costa Rica
Erin Van Rheenen paints a picture of life as an expatriate immersed in the lush tropical lands of Costa Rica and the renowned hospitality of its people. In extended excerpts from her guidebook, which is part of the Living Abroad series by Avalon Travel, she offers step-by-step details and advice on local history, culture, geography, residency requirements, working visas, moving considerations, safety, retirement, and much more.
Living and Working Abroad
Jean-Marc Hachey shares his insights into international employment trends and offers inspirational advice to short- and long-term job seekers.
Living Abroad: Choosing a Country That's Best For You 
Experienced long-term traveler, volunteer, expatriate, and Living Abroad Contributing Editor Volker Poelzl describes the lure of life overseas for the estimated 6.3 million Americans who have already decided to take the plunge. In addition, Volker provides a list of the top twelve countries for those contemplating a new life in another country.
Internship Work Abroad
William Nolting identifies and categorizes student internship jobs overseas.
Teaching Abroad: The Recession-Proof Employment Option
Michael G. Hines describes in practical terms why teaching is one of the most recession-proof jobs available in these troubled economic times as he initiates a series on this most common form of work abroad by region.
Work Abroad as a Freelance Foreign Correspondent
Jason Motlagh describes the tough but fascinating world of the freelancing journalist abroad. He provides practical tips on how and where to land your first job while providing a checklist for journalists first arriving for work overseas.
Work Abroad as a Nurse
Caroline A. Polt, RN, describes her experience working as a nurse in Saudi Arabia and documents the many jobs available overseas.
Teaching English Abroad
Randall Davis offers his expertise and selected resources to help you prepare and to find paid work overseas as an ESL teacher.
Teaching English and Living in Mexico as a Mex-Pat
Jonathan Clark provides inside tips on finding work teaching English in Mexico, and offers a variety of perspectives from the many mex-pats making it their new home.
Why Volunteer Overseas?
An interview with an experienced expert, Zahara Hecksher, who is a co-author of a classic book on the subject, and Transitions Abroad's Volunteer Abroad editor. As always, Zahara goes to the core of the altruistic impulse and offers very subtle and invaluable advice for prospective volunteers.
The Changing Face of International Volunteering
An overview of trends in volunteer service and work abroad as well as short-term volunteer vacations, with statistics to back up the assertions, including a new emphasis on responsibility.
Leveraging Your Volunteer Experience To Find Paid Work Abroad
Strategies and tips offered by Zahara Heckscher on how to transform your volunteer experience into international employment, from aid work to working in the solar panel industry.
Volunteer Vacations: Seniors Have a Different Agenda
Alison Gardner describes the characteristics of volunteer vacations selected by seniors, while discussing the many volunteer programs available for this meaningful combination of educational travel and service work abroad.
Volunteer Work in Europe
Volker Poelzl explores options for volunteer work in Europe while highlighting sample organizations, including those which offer volunteer vacations or work camps.
How to choose a program
How to Select the Right International Program: 10 Key Steps by Rachel Rueckert
2014 Student Travel Writing Contest Winner
Choosing the right international program for your needs as a student is not as easy as you would think, given all the options. Here is a comprehensive detailed guide..
The Benefits of Study Abroad
A study by Professors Mary Dwyer and Courtney Peters of IES Abroad details the personal, academic, cultural and career development benefits of overseas education—which is often the best preparation as a student for work abroad.
Job Strategies While Abroad: How to Get the Best “Career Punch” From Your Study Abroad Experience
Jean-Marc Hachey on ways to transform your study abroad experience into a preparation for long-term work abroad or even as a path to finding a career overseas.
Study French in France
Sharon Goldstein sorts through the many options in France for language immersion study.
World Cheapest Destinations Budget Travel in Mexico and Central America
Author Tim Leffel discusses bargains which can be found in the region and provides inside tips for the budget traveler with an adventurous spirit.

Budget Travel in South America, Budget Travel in Asia, and Budget Travel in the New Eastern Europe are part of a series of articles on regional options for a richer form of travel on the cheap.

Slow Immersion Travel: Learning by Experiencing Slow Immersion Travel: Learning by Experiencing by Dr. Jessica Voigts
How to practice the type of educational travel that motivates many fascinating explorers and writers currently and historically.
6 Tips for Budget Travel in Europe
Volker Poelzl provides practical tips on how to how, when, and where to go to Europe to save money while enjoying an authentic cultural immersion experience.
France on a Budget
Kelby Hartson Carr asserts that rewarding travel on the cheap in France is still possible and includes links to websites which offer cheap accommodations, dining, and transportation.

Featured Programs and Essential Resources
Volunteering Worldwide with GVI
Volunteer Programs with Global Vision International
GVI has a huge range of volunteer programs to suit the environmentally conscious traveler who seeks adventure and new experiences around the globe. Be it training as a safari field guide in South Africa, teaching English in Laos, or diving as part of a marine research team in the Indian Ocean, you will find a huge range of exciting opportunities with GVI. Visit our website for further details
Volunteer Abroad with CCS
Volunteer Abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions
Cross-Cultural Solutions is a nonprofit changing the way international volunteering works. We have 20 years of experience and have worked to make the volunteer adventure of a lifetime possible for over 35,000 people. We proudly believe we provide the perfect mix of quality work, cultural immersion, adventure, and relaxation—all while having 24/7 access to CCS staff and support. Make that life-changing decision to become a CCSer today!
Internships Work Programs with Connect123
Internships in Argentina, China, Ireland, South Africa and Spain!
Connect-123 helps you find career-related international internships in business, human rights, education, health care and many other fields. From your first days on the job, roll up your sleeves and dive in, working on projects that make a real contribution to local organizations and add real-world experience to your resume. Both start dates and durations are flexible and all programs include 24/7 support.
Teaching English in Chile
Teach English in Chile with InterExchange — No Teaching Certificate Required
Teach English in Chile and discover the breathtaking scenery, rich culture and friendly people Chile is famous for! You will work as a volunteer in a highly regarded Chilean Education program to provide classroom support, motivate students and teach English language skills. Orientation, TEFL training, Spanish lessons, host family accommodation and meals are all provided.
Shanghai, China internships
Internships in China
As China rapidly expands into a world marketplace and economic powerhouse, employers are increasingly looking at experience with China as an extremely valuable asset in new applicants. An internship in China can boost your resume, supply you with valuable experience, and vastly improve your cross-cultural communication skills. ELI offers internships in Shanghai for students in nearly every major, from engineering, to marketing, to medicine... expand your world!
Teaching in Europe with LanguageCorps
Teach English Abroad in Europe with LanguageCorps
For many, Europe is the destination of choice and with LanguageCorps you have a range of options including popular, traditional destinations of Spain, Greece, and Italy as well as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, and Turkey—some of the hot new Eastern European countries. There is still a high demand for English teachers, and as one, you will be able to live in one of these cultures instead of just visiting!
Volunteer teaching English in Thailand Volunteer Work Teaching in Thailand
Join WorldTeach as a Volunteer English Teacher in Thailand for one year, departing April 2015.

“I will forever be blown away by the people I have met in Thailand.”
Teaching English in South Korea
Paid Teacher in South Korea with Geovisions
Gain international experience while enriching the lives of students in South Korea. As a native speaker you can become an asset to educational establishments by improving the standard of English in South Korea. Teaching can be an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, while experiencing the rich culture of the Eastern world.
TEFL Training with ITTT ITTT: International TEFL and TESOL Training
With in-class courses available at over 30 locations worldwide and a wide range of online courses, ITTT prepares you to teach, travel and live abroad.
Language Vacation Students LanguageVacation: The Language Immersion Experts
Language Vacation offers short- or long-term language courses and total cultural immersion abroad. Studying abroad in the country a language is spoken is the most effective way to learn another language. Enjoy year-round language programs worldwide for adults and junior summer language camps and programs for Teenagers. We will provide help in choosing the right type of language course abroad to match your needs and requirements.
Study Abroad with CSA Volunteer and Intern Abroad in Over 40 Countries Worldwide with Global Vision International (GVI) Volunteer Work Abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions Volunteer in 40+ Countries with United Planet Volunteer and Intern Abroad with ELIStudy Abroad with NYUTeach English WorldwideInternational Cell PhonesTeach Abroad with TIEOnlineThe International TEFL CorporationTeach English in China with AstonWork with GoAbroadChinaVolunteer Abroad with GO ECO
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