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Internships in Australia, New Zealand and Australasia

Map of Australia and Australasia

Work & Travel in Australia or New Zealand with InterExchange Working Abroad
Our Work & Travel programs are designed specifically to help young Americans secure international job opportunities in Australia or New Zealand. We work with a variety of international agencies that help our participants find international jobs and housing and provide in-country assistance during your stay. When you are not working, you can spend your time discovering the amazing natural scenery and culture of Australia and New Zealand!
Student Internships Abroad from InterExchange Dates: Year-Round, 1-3 month placements available
Contact: Interexchange Working Abroad, 161 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10013.
Tel.: 212-924-.0446

Affordable & Flexible Custom Internships in Australia and New Zealand — World Internships
Explore amazing places while boosting your resume through a customized internship placement in Australia or New Zealand! Live and work in one of three world-class cities: Sydney, Melbourne or Wellington. All internships are customized to fit your professional and academic background, making for a truly unique experience. On-site support, housing, and social activities are also included in your program. During your free time, take advantage of your surroundings by taking a trip to the beach, relaxing by the harbor or playing a game of cricket! Applications are currently being accepted!
World Internships in Australia Dates: Year Round – Choose any duration from 4 weeks to 1 year
Cost: Varies by location and program duration. Please contact us for more information
Contact: World Internships — 17 New South Street, Suite 302 Northampton, MA 01060
Tel.: 970-797-5616

United Planet New Zealand Internship Program
United Planet’s New Zealand Internship program is the perfect opportunity for students to immerse in New Zealand's culture while obtaining professional experience. The skills gained in an international internship are valued by employers who recognize the world and workplace are increasingly interdependent.

Internships are available in the following areas:
Education: Classroom Management, Cross-cultural teaching experience, Activity planning experience
Healthcare: Clinical experience, Exposure to rural medicine practices, Cross-cultural medical experiences
Community Development: Better understanding of local challenges, increased awareness of the role culture plays in community development
Environment: Better understanding of various ways to approach sustainability initiatives; increased awareness for conservation challenges in another country

Internships in New Zealand Dates: Year-round opportunities available
Cost: Please visit our website for program fees
Tel: 1-800-292-2316

Work Experience Australia
Add prestige to your resume and gain international experience while exploring the friendly “no worries” culture down under. We have heaps of internships and jobs waiting for you. Land a 2-3, 6 or 12-month position with a luxury resort, hotel, or event company with guaranteed job placement arranged prior to your arrival. Our experienced team will walk you through the entire process–matching you with the right employer, guiding you through interviews, and helping you get settled upon arrival in Australia.

Internships available in:
Hospitality: Culinary, Food & Beverage, Bartenders, Porters, Guest Room Attendants, Receptionists
Business and Events: Event Management, Communications, Business & Operations, Visual Art & Design

Internships in Australia Dates: Year-round placements
Cost: $1500-$3500 USD
Contact: Alliance Abroad Group, 1221 S. MoPac Expy, Suite 100, Austin, Texas 78746
Request More Information:

Australian Internships
An organization dedicated to arranging internships for young professionals seeking international experience in their academic field. The experience of interning in Australia will enhance your professional career in a way that travel and study alone cannot. 
The tailored internship programs allow the interns to guide what type of internship best fits their education and professional interests. Students are placed in both paid and unpaid internships aligned with their skills and experience.


Boston University Internship Programs in Europe and Worldwide
Internships in Australia and New Zealand
Programs which combines academic study and work experience worldwide, including the internship program in Sydney, Australia, and the internship program in Auckland, New Zealand web pages for details.

Global Choices
Internships in Australia
The Internship Programme, paid and unpaid, will guarantee you entry to Australia ’s leading organizations. Global Choices ensures that you receive training compatible with your employment and /or educational history. Australian Internship Programme is your guaranteed entry to professional work experience in Australia. You will have the option of working from a minimum of one month up to a period of 12 months as an intern with the host Australian employer.
Paid Hospitality Internships in Australia
Develop your skills in the field of hospitality management while getting paid.


Kiwi Internships
Customized New Zealand Internships
The Internship programs are custom-built around every single individual student. This means we start with a thorough understanding of your expectations, abilities, and interests, and create you a custom program to fit. We work across an enormous range of vocations and within every vocation there is also a large range of choices. Rather than travel passively as tourists, through Kiwi Internships people can work on organic farms, wildlife sanctuaries, offshore National Parks, hospitals and schools, or undertake professional internships across an unlimited range of vocations, like: medicine, biology, law, teaching, conservation, veterinary care, carpentry, hospitality, photography, arts, ... and more!

Contact: Kiwi Internships, PO Box 5, Thames, 3540, New Zealand;;

Michigan State University
Internships in Australia with the New South Wales Police, Sydney

Interns are placed with research teams, Australian employers, political administrations, etc., for periods ranging from 6 weeks to a year. The positions are unpaid. Homestay accommodations are included. Placement is arranged to suit the individual provided 4 months notice is given. Most placements are in Queensland or New South Wales. Fields: marine and wildlife biology, business, etc. No academic credit offered. Unlimited internships. Prerequisites: a) High School Graduates, b) Professional Development for Graduates and Junior/Senior college students.


Queenstown Resort College
Spirit of Queenstown, New Zealand, Internship Programme
Queenstown Resort College offers paid job placements in the tourism and hospitality industry. All placements are in Queenstown, New Zealand’s premier tourist destination and adventure capital of the world.


Internships in Australia and New Zealand with World InternshipsInternships with United PlanetWork Experience Australia with Alliance Abroad
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