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 Articles on Teaching English in Taiwan
Living in Thailand or Taiwan Live and Teach English in Thailand or Taiwan? A Guide to Choose the Best Country for You by Michael Plews
Fortunately for anyone with experience who is trying to compare the merits of these two unique countries, both currencies now have a very similar exchange rate... We will make a comparison, inherently somewhat subjective, of some of the key aspects of each country that can make living and teaching a memorable and rewarding experience...
Teaching English in Taiwan: A Lucrative Endeavor in a Culturally Rich Environment by Newley Purnell
Three Reasons to Teach English and Live in Taiwan by Matt Gibson
Teaching English in Taiwan: The Vital Information by Matt Gibson
A Teacher's Tour of Duty in Taiwan: Rockets, Temples, and Tonal Languages by Brian Johnson
Teaching English in Taiwan: Making the Transition by Amelie de Mahy
Teaching English in Taiwan: Jobs Are Plentiful, Living is Easy by Danielle Staton
Teaching English in Taiwan: Things Recuiters Won't Tell You by Jeffrey E. Wilson
Teaching English in Taiwan by Darby Cameron Doll
Teaching English in Taiwan with Hess by Gilbert Wang
Teaching English in Rural Taiwan by Roane Beard
Tutoring English in Taiwan by Ruth Kamnitzer
 Top ESL Jobs in Taiwan
See a daily selection of the Top Jobs Teaching English in Taiwan courtesy of ESL Job Feed

Hess Educational Organization
Teaching English in Taiwan
Specializes in teaching children including kindergarten-age. Native Speaking Teachers must be college graduates. Very structured teaching program and curriculum.


Kojen English Language Schools
With schools across Taiwan, Kojen has the largest Adult English Program and one of the largest Children's Programs in Taiwan.


Reach To Teach Recruiting
Teaching Adventures Abroad — Matching Great Teachers with Great Schools

Teach English in Taiwan
Reach To Teach is Taiwan's largest North American teacher placement agency. We take pride in placing our teachers with the hundreds of schools that we work with on the island of Taiwan, and we work hard to make sure that our teachers are going to the best schools in Taiwan. Why work with us? We've got a great reputation for being an honest and caring organization that cares for its teachers. Plus, our services are 100% free!

Contact: 1606 80th Avenue, Algona, Banciao, Io 50511 Taiwan; tel. 201-467-4612;;

TEALIT (Teaching English And Living In Taiwan)
An excellent site featuring job listings and other helpful hints on moving to and living in Taiwan.



Teach in Taiwan with LanguageCorps
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