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ALI — The Montreal Language Academy
ESL Program
Our English language program offers students three different levels of immersion to choose from: Basic, Intensive, and Super-Intensive. A maximum of 10 students per class in our Core, Skills, and Workshop classes allow students to receive the personalized attention they need and the variety they desire.


Education Canada College
Internationally recognized teaching certification (TESOL, TFSOL, TSSOL, TJSOL).


i-to-i TEFL
Classroom TEFL / TESOL Courses
A classroom TEFL course gives you that face-to-face experience your computer screen can't offer. Weekend courses allow you to get TEFL certified in just two days, as well as the opportunity to practice teaching in a classroom environment. Working with experienced tutors and other TEFL learners is an interactive and structured way of putting theory into practice. The main focus of the classroom course is to learn by doing. Delivery and teaching performance are further developed in weekend sessions with tutors present to offer advice and show you how it's done - giving you the chance to develop your own teaching style before you go out and do it for real!


Global TESOL College
Advanced TESOL Certificate: • 120 hours • 2 Courses
Part I: Foundation TESOL Course: Study 60-hours in-class, online or by correspondence.
Part II: Choose One Specialization Course, 60-hours online or by correspondence: Learn to teach English worldwide with confidence and skill in our 120-hour Advanced TESOL Certification program. This comprehensive program, is perfect for those who are starting their global teaching adventure


Oxford Seminars
Teach English Abroad: TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certificate Course

Established in 1992, Oxford Seminars has been certifying and making teaching English abroad a reality for thousands of students each year by offering internationally recognized TESOL/TESL/TEFL certification courses in over 100 cities across the US and Canada.


The TOEFL Campus, TOEFL and TWE Test Preparation.
At TOEFLCampus we offer preparation materials and tutoring for all formats of the TOEFL test, including the paper-based (PBT), computer-based (CBT), and internet-based (iBT) TOEFL tests.


Vancouver Medical English Institute
Core Medical English Course
This course teaches both the language and culturally appropriate communication skills for practicing medical careers in an English speaking environment. It concentrates on the acquisition of English in a medical context and it is intended for medical professionals with an intermediate to advanced level of English knowledge.
Practicing Medical English
This course is intended to be taken with the Core Medical English Course. It is designed to reinforce the material learned in that course. Practicing Medical English is not as intense as Core Medical English but it is calculated to help the student commit the Core material to long-term memory by using the material learned in the Core course.
The International English Language Testing System (IELTS), administered by Cambridge University, the British Council and IDP Education Australia, has become the standard requirement for entry to many professions and post secondary educational institutions. Only students already at an advanced or high-intermediate level will benefit from this course. Most qualified students should be able to write the IELTS examination successfully after a 1 to 3-month preparation course.
Preparation for Medical Presentations
The only subject of this course is your paper. We will ensure that each medical term is pronounced correctly according to standard English usage, and the flow and delivery of the presentation will be practiced with any glaring errors in English grammar or cross cultural communication corrected. The goal of this course is not to re-write your presentation, only to make sure that it is presented clearly and without bad mistakes.


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