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Best Websites for Teaching English Abroad

Search for the best ESL websites

 Websites by Category for Teachers of English Abroad
 Job Boards for Teaching English Overseas

There are a plethora of job boards on the web, and we have selected our favorites who have been providing services for some time.

ESL Café offers a large international job board.

ESL Job Feed provides many updated daily feeds of English job listings from regions and countries worldwide. is one of the biggest job boards for English teachers. is an ESL job board.

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 English Teaching News and Publications

Most serious teachers and long-term professionals are constantly learning about their field of choice, and these online and print publications discuss a variety of subjects and issues of interest.

ELGazette is a digital magazine designed for all people involved in English teaching.

English Teaching Professional is an online resource and offers a paid magazine subscription to teaching professionals.

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 English Teaching Discussion Forums

Forums are a great place to have your questions answered and to research countries, recruiting agencies, jobs, and sometimes even living conditions. They are the best place to get independent verification about a particular job, and there are always experts willing to share their knowledge and experience.

ESL Café Job Discussion Forum has a very busy forum with many experts and experienced members sharing valuable advice about jobs abroad, broken down by the most popular regions and countries.

ESL Café Teacher Training Forum is a mixed threaded message forum where members discuss the advantages of different certifications necessary to teach English. is a busy forum well worth checking out.

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 Acronyms for Teaching English as a Second Language

If you are confused by all the terms related to teaching English overseas, here is a website that provides translations of the acronyms into understandable language:

Bogglesworld ESL Glossary

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 English Teaching Lesson Plans and Classroom Resources

When you find a job it is always good to have lesson plans and other resources to help you teach your students, especially if the school you work for does not provide them, or if you work as a freelancer or just plain want to be creative. We have selected some websites offering such materials.

Boggle's World

ESL Article


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 Worldwide Portals and Websites for Teaching English Abroad

There are some primary resources all teachers should check out or follow at some point in order to find jobs and other useful information. We have listed some primary sites we prefer which should serve as great departures for research into your dream job.

ESL Café has information about teaching English as a second language, either internationally or in the U.S., as well as job databases. The forums offer in-depth discussions on a variety of issues and on a variety of countries worldwide. A recommended resource for anyone interested in teaching English abroad.

TESOL International Association is the website of a global association that serves the needs of 13,000+ English language teaching professionals representing over 140 countries. An essential resource for both ESL and EFL educators. offers a teacher forum, ESL lesson planning, TEFL Resources, teacher training, ESL jobs and other valuable resources for teaching English as a foreign or second language.

TotalESL is a portal offering everything from articles on a variety of issues relating to teaching English, links to an extensive job board updated daily, discussion forums, lesson plans, and much more.

University of Michigan, International Center’s Overseas Opportunities Office hosts articles and provides resources on Teaching Work Abroad.

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships are programs for recent university graduates. MA or doctoral candidates, or young professionals to serve as English Teaching Assistants in countries worldwide, with a large number of offerings in Brazil, Germany, Malaysia, Korea, Spain, Turkey, and more funded by the host country.

Peace Corps is sometimes overlooked because of its designation as a volunteer program, but is one of the largest work-abroad programs for U.S. citizens. It provides some of the best-paid teaching opportunities in less-wealthy regions such as Africa, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, and even Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Block.

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