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Best Websites for Teaching English Abroad

See Where the ESL Jobs Are: Online But Off the Beaten Path by Duncan MacLeod for an overview of the top websites and's huge archive of articles on teaching English abroad by experts and participants alike to see many more recommendations for regional websites...

 Websites by Category for Teachers of English Abroad
 Job Boards and Resources for Teaching English Overseas

ESL Cafe's International Job Board:

ESL Job Feed:

TotalESL:'s Worldwide Job Board:'s ESL Job Offers:

ESL Job Find:

Mark's ESL World:

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 English Teaching News and Commentary


ET Professional:

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 English Teacher Training Information and Orientation

ESL Cafe Teacher Training Forum:

Free Graduate TESOL Guide:

Linguistic Funland:'s Which Course?

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  English Teaching Discussion Forums

ESL Café Job Discussion Forum:

ESL Space:

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 Acronyms for Teaching English as a Second Language

Bogglesworld ESL Glossary:

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  English Teaching Lesson Plans and Classroom Resources

Boggle's World:


ESL Article:


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 Worldwide Portals and\ Websites for Teaching English Abroad

Dave’s ESL Cafe, This website has information about teaching English as a second language, either abroad or in the U.S., as well as job databases. A recommended resource for anyone interested in teaching English abroad.,, provides an excellent ESL/EFL links directory, which contains extensive collections of resources for both teachers and students alike.

ESL Job Find, ESL Job Find connects Employers and Job Seekers worldwide. We have ESL job listings for Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan in Asia, and other locations such as Europe and South America. .

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships, Program for recent university graduates. MA or doctoral candidates, or young professionals to serve as English Teaching Assistants in countries worldwide, with a large number of offerings in Brazil, Germany, Malaysia, Korea, Spain, and Turkey funded by the host country.

GlobalStudy,, is a guide to international education, including message boards and a directory of English language school websites in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Peace Corps, Sometimes overlooked because of its designation as a volunteer program, Peace Corps is one of the largest work-abroad programs for U.S. citizens. It provides some of the best-paid teaching opportunities in less-wealthy regions such as Africa, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, and even Eastern Europe and the former USSR.

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Web site of a global association that serves the needs of 14,000 English language teaching professionals representing over 140 countries. An essential resource for both ESL and EFL educators. offers a fine compilation of websites which address different aspects of teaching English abroad in their blog post at 100+ Tips and Resources for Teaching Abroad.

TEFL Professional Network,, has a huge on-line database of ESL jobs.

TEFL.NET,, offers a TEFL Course Database, TEFL Jobs Center, TEFL Help Desk, ESL lesson plans and other teaching resources to teach English as a foreign or second language.

TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links,, is a no-nonsense compilation of links for students and teachers.

Univ. of Michigan, International Center’s Overseas Opportunities Office hosts articles and resources on Teaching Work Abroad.

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 Portals and Websites by Region/Country for Teaching English Abroad

Web editor's note: See our country-by-country and regional English teaching directory for more websites and organizations., Job postings, resources and a discussion forum on teaching English in Thailand and issues surrounding. English teaching job listings for China, Korea, and Japan.

China TEFL Network,, is a portal for jobs teaching English in China.

ExpatriateCafe,, has morphed from its focus on the ESL community in Spain towards being an excellent general expatriate community site for Spain., The most complete guide for EFL learners in Argentina and Latin America. It provides very useful information, interesting links, complete directories of national and international English teaching institutions and a lot more.

Jobs in Japan,, has loads of ESL job postings., A site for teachers in Madrid, Spain, to advertise their services and to exchange information about the local teaching market on the Forum.

O-Hayo Sensei, Listings of ESL and other types of teaching positions in Japan.

TEFL ASIA,, is an excellent portal for Asian ESL Jobs, Articles and Resources.

TESOL FRANCE,, represents the interests of professionals in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) in France.

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