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 Travel Writer's Guidelines for Transitions Abroad
 Travel Writing Contests ($500 Grand Prizes and Over $750 Total Prizes for Each!)
Overview of our Yearly Travel Writing Contests
We are excited to continue to host 3 travel writing contests (see above) as a celebration of 38+ years of Transitions Abroad Publishing's existence as a pioneering magazine, a publisher of books on work, study, travel and living abroad, and now a unique Web guide and Web magazine (TAzine).

The contests reflect the fundamental editorial described in our mission statement, which includes educational and cultural immersion travel or living abroad.

The 3 contests together allow for narrative and practical writing on subjects including most forms of travel, work, living, study, and volunteering abroad.

Since its founding by Dr. Clay Hubbs in 1977, Transitions Abroad has been recognized as pioneers in publishing travel articles ranging from expert advice to useful tips to insightful first-hand participant reports from contributors and columnists around the globe. Winners of the contest are providing much-needed information not available elsewhere.

Please enter your submissions to our influential travel website, whose contests now offer:

  • $500 cash prize for the first place winner
  • $150 for the second place winner
  • $100 for the third place winner
  • $50 for all runner-up winners

Winning articles will be featured both on our website and in our web magazine. Winning authors have often become regular contributors and enhanced their travel writing resumes. 

Unlike many contests, there are no submission fees for any of the travel writing contests!

Our judges read every story carefully and only ask that when writing you follow our contest guidelines carefully in turn.

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