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Beebe Bahrami

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Beebe Bahrami

Beebe Bahrami's Articles for Transitions Abroad

Beebe Bahrami is an established travel, food and wine, adventure, and cross-cultural writer and cultural anthropologist. She is a frequent contributor to Transitons Abroad. Her work appears in many other publications, including Michelin Green Guides, National Geographic books,,, The Pennsylvania Gazette, and in Bark, Wag, Expedition, and Archaeology magazines. Her travel books include The Spiritual Traveler Spain: A Guide to Sacred Sites and Pilgrim Routes. Please see our review of her book titled Historic Walking Guide: Madrid.

Beebe annually divides her time between the U.S. and the western Mediterranean. For 30+ years she has been dedicated to researching and writing about Spain, France, Portugal, and Morocco. She also writes about other European destinations and the U.S. All of her writing comes from firsthand, current, and well-researched knowledge, honed both as a writer and cultural anthropologist. This also means using foreign language skills, talking to locals from all walks of life, painting, photographing, cooking, harvesting, surfing, hiking, and exploring just about everywhere on foot. 

Visit Beebe’s Feast to learn more about Beebe’s writing and to read sample clips of her articles.



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