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As seen in the Transitions Abroad Webzine March 2009 Issue

Moon Living Abroad in New Zealand, First Edition, by Michelle Waitzman

Paperback, Avalon Travel

Reviewed by Volker Poelzl

Living Abroad in New Zealand

If you are planning on moving to another country, having access to useful and practical information is critical. Moon’s “Living Abroad” series provides everything you need to make your move, and “Living Abroad in New Zealand” is one of the latest additions to this series. I spent six months working and traveling in New Zealand, and I wish that this book had been around at the time. I had no information or resources to go by other than rumors and the stories derived from other travelers. I had to figure out everything for myself, from getting a social security number to finding work, lodging, and extending my visa. “Living Abroad in New Zealand” takes away the guesswork and provides readers with all the essential information needed for such a complex task as moving to another country.

Author is a Canadian expatriate living in New Zealand, and “Living Abroad in New Zealand” reflects upon her own experiences and knowledge of this remote, beautiful, and hospitable country. New Zealand is multi-cultural and includes European settlers, the native Maori population, as well as immigrants from other South Pacific countries and Asia. This book not only covers common stereotypes about New Zealand, but also serves to enlighten readers about the contemporary racial and cultural make-up of this increasingly culturally diverse country. New Zealand is a country of contrasts, as the author states in the introduction: “It is a land of surprises where cutting-edge technology is developed and widely used, but highway traffic can be stopped in its tracks by a herd of sheep crossing the road.”

The book also covers important issues that need to be addressed before settling abroad, such as “Planning Your Fact-finding Trip,” and “Making the Move,” which provide important information about the logistics of moving to New Zealand. The section on “Daily Life” covers important practical aspects relating to moving and living in New Zealand, including information on visas, health, education, employment, finance, communications, Internet access, transportation, taxes, the media, and housing.

In addition to introducing readers to New Zealand’s only large urban area, Auckland, the section on “Prime Living Location” aptly describes the country’s many small cities. This chapter is especially useful if you are in the planning stages of your move and are not yet committed to a specific destination. The “Resources” section includes useful contact information for banks, government offices and embassies, education, moving companies, health, communications, employment agencies, transportation, etc. There is a glossary as well as a list of suggested reading and films.

Moon's Living Abroad in New Zealand is a practical and informative guide and an indispensable companion for anyone planning on moving there. For more information and to read the introduction of the book, visit the publisher’s “Living Abroad in New Zealand” web page.

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