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Volunteer in Italy Inside a Village

Converse in English, Receive Room, Board, and Transportation

Volunteer in Italy at a Tuscan village
Italians, Spaniards, and Anglos talk in English in a commons area at Il Borgo San Luigi.

In November 2005 16 English-speaking volunteers came from all over the globe, some as far away as Australia and Alaska, to converse in English with six Italians and nine Spaniards for 12-plus hours a day over the course of seven days in a village known as Il Borgo San Luigi, which is just outside of Siena. This program in Italy, known as Villaggio Inglese, follows the same format as the Pueblo Ingles programs in Spain. Because the program in Italy had just been created, Spaniards were also invited to be a part of the Tuscan village experience.

Volunteers are responsible for their transportation, room, and board expenses before and after the programs. Pueblo Ingles provides transport, accident insurance, meals, and lodging during the programs.

Since 2001 this unique volunteer program has been an important part of my life, though my first four times as a participant were in remote areas of Spain. Pueblo Ingles and Villaggio Inglese have created two places on the globe where I can go and just be my unique, quirky self. By doing so, I am helping people who want to become more fluent in the English language accomplish their goal.

Because every language immersion program brings in a different mix of personalities, every volunteer experience has been unique.

For the Italians and Spaniards alike, the Villaggio Inglese experience has become more than just conversing in English for seven full days. Gumersindo, one of the more animated Spaniards who made the trek all the way from Cadiz, Spain, took part in his fourth such program to improve his English speaking and comprehension skills. He’s benefited in multiple ways: “It’s not just one thing because of the added value [the programs bring]: You improve your English, you meet new people and learn about new cultures. It’s a break from a normal life. You get a new perspective. You see the big picture on life here.”

For More Info

For more information on the latest Villaggio Inglese offerings, visit the Pueblo Ingles website. When these programs are announced, they are currently offered to veterans of the Pueblo Ingles programs, which you can read more about at Roy Barnes' Transitions Abroad article based upon his experience in Spain.

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