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Best Travel Bloggers and Blogs

There are a growing number of websites that host travel blogs or blogs that serve as websites themselves, given the power of plugins and add ins for popular and sophisticated tools such as Wordpress. Many websites use blogs as a way to add daily posts to offer more interactivity to their websites as part of a social media strategy.

Many travel blogs are individual sites intended for friends and family, but more and more blogs cater to a wider travel audience often monetizing themselves quite well. There are many excellent blogs by experienced professional travel writers. Some of these blogs are posted from the road and offer first-hand accounts of travel experiences, while others deal more with travel news and issues and may involve the collaboration of multiple authors.

Although blogs are often considered a more vociferous and opinionated alternative to traditional news media, many traditional newspaper websites now feature blogs or have been replaced by blogs, especially on the subject of travel. Many even say that the distinction between journalism and blogging has disappeared, though such a distinction is open for debate.

Below we have listed a selection of some of our favorite travel blogs (the list is always growing), followed by a selection of websites that host or list travel blogs.

 Best Individual or Collaborative Blogs

Cheapest Destinations is the flagship of Tim Leffel's excellent array of blogs. Tim is a very talented travel writer and publisher who writes about bargain destinations, vacation values, international travel adventures, and travel writing. His Perceptive Travel blog, part of his fine narrative travel writing Perceptive Travel site, also offers collaborative posts of interest on a wide range of subject matters and is part of a website which is "home to the best travel stories from wandering book authors." Finally, Tim's blog offers fine interviews of travel writers and posts on travel writng from a very practical perspective, and is associated with the state-of-the-art book on the subject which he calls Travel Writing 2.0.

Expert Vagabond Blog, which is part of Matthew Karsten's excellent site, offers very thoughtful and in-depth posts on everything from travel jobs abroad to adventure travel. He is also an excellent photographer, so his posts are extremely well-illustrated and complement his fine writing.

NomadicMatt offers a blog as part of his website where his incredible energy, curiosity, and experience traveling since he chose that path after his MBA, shine through in his practical posts.

Rick Steves’ Europe through the Backdoor features Rick Steves' Travel Blog, which highlight his latest travels in Europe, always laced with insight.

Rolf Potts’ Vagablogging is an enlightening and lively collaborative blog covering many aspects of travel, from travel advice and stories to essays and commentaries about issues concerning travelers. It is currently on hiatus, but you can find much of Rolf's writing on his website and his books.

The Professional Hobo is a fine and unique blog hosted Nora Dunn, who writes beautifully and very candidly about her long-term travels since 2007, with financial and practical advice, and other related subjects..

The Tranquilo Traveler is a blog that celebrates voluntourism, slow travel, and other interesting ways to see the world, hosted by travel writer and Peace Corps alumnus Joshua Berman. This nicely designed and well-illustrated blog is definitely worth checking out.

Wandering Educators is a great combination blog and website featuring posts and articles from a community of educators sharing their travel experiences. There is an endlessly growing archive of articles and posts from not only expert writers discussing travel and educational travel, but from the fresh eyes of young bloggers.

Wanderlust And Lipstick hosts many women, family travel, volunteer, and destination blogs of interest, including Beth Whitman's own.

Editor's Note: There are scores and scores of other fine travel blogs which are linked in the appropriate areas of the site, and many more will be added as they are brought to our attention. We do shy away from selecting blogs which are purely self-promotional in nature, largely destination-oriented, or which seem more obsessed about the authors' and their own state of mind than the people whose homes (countries) they are privileged to visit. That is is keeping with our mission.


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