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Teaching English in Guatemala City, Guatemala

English Training and Teaching Program in Guatemela
Teach English to children in need when you volunteer with our Teach English Program in Guatemala.
You will be working with local teachers and students at our partner organization in Antigua, Guatemala. The majority of the population in Guatemala is under 18, and many young people are in great need of help. Many of these children are far below the poverty level, or even on the streets, and education for some is not even an option, much less a priority. As a volunteer with our Teach English Program, you will have the opportunity to give these children the education and support they need and deserve.
You will be able to join an established teaching project or have the unique opportunity to organize an English program on your own. In addition to teaching English, you will be working to create a positive learning environment for the children through games, activities, crafts and stories. As a volunteer with our Teach English Program, you will not only further the chances that these underprivileged children have to succeed, but you will also be a positive role model affecting them for the rest of their lives.


The Rose Foundation
English Teaching Program
The Foundation’s schools use local bilingual Guatemalan teachers and native English-speaking teachers to provide high-quality English classes for their students. Our Guatemala English Teaching Experience allows native English-speaking teachers to come and donate from 6 weeks to 10 months of their time teaching English in Guatemala.


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