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As seen in the Transitions Abroad Webzine April 2009 Issue

Moon Handbooks Argentina, Second Edition, by Wayne Bernhardson

Reviewed by Volker Poelzl

Moon Argentina

I used the first edition of the Moon Handbooks Argentina a few years ago, and it was a useful and informative companion which helped me during my extended trip across the vast and fascinating country. The new second edition offers a similar format and provides additional and updated information.

Planning an itinerary that fits both your budget and time can be difficult when traveling in a huge country such as Argentina. To help readers choose an itinerary that best fits their budget and interests, the useful “Planning Guide” provides several itineraries based on travelers’ interests and available time. The outlined routes offers readers a realistic idea about how much they can see and how many places they can visit during their vacation. In addition, each chapter on a specific region has an introduction that includes suggested highlights and a guide to “Planning your Time,” which also recommends the best times to visit.

Moon Argentina is a guidebook for travelers of all budgets and interests. Regardless whether you prefer budget or luxury accommodations, or if you are interested in art, culture, history, nightlife, or the outdoors—you will find the information you need. I had a diverse itinerary that included treks and hikes in Patagonia as well as visits to vibrant cities such as Córdoba and Buenos Aires. The Moon Argentina guide gave me all the information I needed for my varied interests, and although the book provides little information about actual hiking and trekking routes, it listed essential resources that helped me find the information and maps I needed. Since Argentina is a vast country, the provided information is understandably more concise than in other Moon Handbooks that cover much smaller countries. But given the enormous size and cultural and geographic diversity of Argentina, author Wayne Bernhardson did a remarkable job in covering the regions, attractions, and activities which are most likely to be of interest to most travelers.

On my long bus rides across the seemingly endless Argentinean Pampa, the “Background” section in the back of the book provided interesting reading about Argentina’s history, politics, arts, and culture, which provided me useful background information about a country I knew little about. The book also includes an “Essentials” section, which offers useful information about practical travel matters, such as health and safety, food, money, transportation, embassies, suggested reading, and internet resources.

Author Wayne Bernhardson is a veteran traveler and aficionado of Argentina. Moon Argentina reflects his in-depth knowledge, understanding, and affection for this beautiful and fascinating country.

For more information, and to read the introduction of this indispensable book, visit the publisher’s Moon Argentina web page.

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