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Work Abroad

The Complete Guide to Finding a Job Overseas (4th ed.)

How to Get Started

Whether you are a professional planning to relocate, a traveler looking to extend your trip, or a student preparing for an international career the first requirement is reliable information. Finding such information in one place was difficult before Transitions Abroad and its offshoot, Work Abroad. In this fourth and fully revised edition of the first comprehensive guide of its kind we attempt to provide everything you need-contact names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, email and web addresses, dates, costs, etc.—to take the mystery out of finding the work you're looking for abroad.

Most jobs abroad are short time (one year or less). Information on career-track jobs -including job search websites-is brought together in Chapter 1: International Careers. For more on international careers we recommend you see Impact Publications' current catalog. (Contact information on key publishers and organizations dealing with work abroad starts on page 13.)

For more on the experience of working abroad we recommend the reports by those who are doing it published in the webzines and articles of

Happy hunting!

Clay Hubbs, Ph.D.
Amherst, MA

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