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Chapter 2
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Short-Term International Jobs and Internships
for Students and Recent Graduates
Work Abroad Book
Work Abroad Overview: Overseas Jobs and How to Find Them 37
Short-Term Work Abroad: Exchange and Placement Programs
Perspective: Work in Britain
Perspective: Working Holidays in Australia 49
Key Print Resources: Worldwide Work and Study Abroad 50
  Regional Work and Study Abroad 52
  Short-Term Paid Work Abroad 53
International Internships: Cover Expenses, Gain Career Experience
Tips on Having a Successful Internship 58
Perspective: Work in the Middle Kingdom 59
Perspective: Work in Washington 61
Perspective: You Can Have It All 62
Perspective: Foreign Service in Florence 64
Key Print Resources: International Internships 66
Directory of Programs: International Internships 68
Best Websites: Scholarships and Internships