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Retirement in Mexico

Can you retire to Mexico on $600 a month? “Yes, if you don’t mind washing your clothes in a stream,” says John Bryant, president of Mexico Retirement and Travel Assistance (MRTA), “Retirement books will tell you that you can live in Mexico on $300 to $600 a month; however, they don’t tell you how you will live.”

Bryant and his wife Jean retired to Guadalajara 12 years ago and are the authors of several books on retirement in Mexico. For the past eight years they have also published a quarterly periodical, Mexico Living and Travel Newsletter. They have drawn on their own experiences, as well as those of their friends and neighbors, to put together a three-day workshop that provides current information on retirement in Mexico from Americans who live there.

Bryant estimates the North American retirement population currently living in central Mexico to be over 100,000. The expatriates say the temperate climate was the number one reason for moving to Mexico, followed closely by the lower cost of living.

Bryant recommends spending some time in Mexico before making a decision to relocate. “You need the opportunity to visit other cities in Mexico and discover for yourselves the Spanish-colonial heritage, the traditions, the warmth and friendliness of the Mexican people, the delightful climate, and the relaxed lifestyle that make Mexico such a hospitable place to live.”

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