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Native English Speakers Are in Demand

One of the most popular jobs abroad is teaching, but for those who dread the thought of standing in front of hordes of feisty children every day, there are other options.

Consider that many countries where English is not the first language almost always have a few English-language publications. In addition, consider the fact that English is the international language of business, commerce, and politics. Both international and local companies, organizations, and publishing houses are sure to produce English-language material. And as a native English speaker, you are a prime candidate for working at any number of companies that produce it. Consider Egypt—where I presently work—an Arabic-speaking nation with literally hundreds of opportunities for those who enjoy working with words.

Every week I read job announcements calling for positions such as a writer for a monthly business magazine, a copy editor for an online information portal, a copywriter for an international company, a journalist and media relations specialist for a private university, an editor for an entertainment magazine, and an assistant editor for an online news website.

While many Egyptians study English, even the most fluent person often does not have the same grasp of the language as someone who grew up in an English-speaking country. This means that you should exploit your sought-after English language skills to get a job.

In the company where I work, which produces an English-language online information portal, there are constantly openings for copy editors and editors in most departments.

Countries that offer even more opportunities include Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Jordan, and African countries such as Nigeria and South Africa, as well as many more. All you have to do is decide where you want to live and travel.

If you are unable to find opportunities before you travel, don’t worry; just bring some cash to tide you over for a few months at your destination. Once there, you will be able to pick up English publications, make contacts, and search for job announcements. Private universities are often a good place to begin. They may have a career center or at least offer job listings geared to English-speaking students. Make sure to scan the local newspaper for job announcements; in addition, send your CV to all the English media organizations, as well as to international organizations and companies.

While salaries range from country to country and company to company, you can be sure that a job in editing will ensure you a decent living standard, an insider’s look at the organization of companies in your host country, and close contact with English-speaking locals.

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