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Living in Germany: Expatriate Resources

Move to Berlin

There are many good reasons for living in Berlin as 30,000 American expatriates have discovered. Real estate is still the lowest among all the capitals of Western Europe and the city is actually shrinking by a few thousand inhabitants each year as the high unemployment rate drives aspiring job holders to greener pastures.

The daily events listed in the biweekly magazines Zitty and Tip are so extensive that one would never be able to visit more than a few of them each week. From experimental to classical, from popular to bewildering, Berlin has it all. Its history as a liberal, inclusive town started many years ago with Kaiser Friedrich who declared the whole city a place of tolerance and invited the French Hugenots to come and live peacefully among the Germans to pursue their personal happiness and go about their business. Many people are successfully doing that to this day.

Resources for Expats in Berlin

Finding a place to live:

Information: Exberliner, monthly English-language magazine.

English language bookstores: East of Eden (international secondhand books):

Books in Berlin (English and American Literature):

Life in Germany: (news and information for expats in Germany).

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