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A Visiting Math Teacher Fills a Shortage

If you want to teach in England for a year or more and you have successful classroom teaching experience at the appropriate age level, GlobeTeach ( will send your resume to interested U.K. schools. If you and the school seem like a good match, GlobeTeach sets up a phone interview.

Five schools expressed interest in my resume and I decided to pursue a position at a school near Cambridge.

After an hour-long phone interview with the head teacher (principal) and the head of the maths department, the school offered me the job. GlobeTeach got me a work permit, which I then used to obtain a visa for my husband and myself.

GlobeTeach earns its money by charging the schools a finders-fee. They do not pay for your flight to the U.K., nor do they help you find a place to live. You are paid according to the school’s pay scale. I earned approximately £20,000.

I stayed for one school year and I worked very hard planning lessons and grading tests and homework every day after school. When I had questions about the U.K. national curriculum or classroom management, my colleagues were very supportive. Cambridge was beautiful and a lively place to live. Though I was busy, my husband and I still had time to see a lot of the U.K. on weekends.

And during the five holiday breaks throughout the year (one week in October, two weeks in December, one week in February, two weeks in April, and one week in June), we traveled outside the U.K.—to Germany, Greece, Italy, Turkey, and Spain. We did all this on my salary and still came home with money left over.

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