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Work in Russia

English-Teaching Jobs Are Easy to Find

In Russia it is not only easy to find a job teaching English, it’s almost impossible not to. There are many, many job offers on the Internet for teaching English. Don’t bother. Once you are in Russia, you are likely to be swamped with offers. I got a new offer each week when I moved to Irkutsk (a town of only 700,000) without even looking. Besides universities, any respectable town has at least a few private language schools. Walk in and announce you are willing to teach English and you will probably be hired on the spot. This is less likely in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but even in these cities it will not be difficult to find a job. Every school I approached in St. Petersburg during my visit last year expressed interest. Ideally, you should have a visa that allows you to work legally in Russia (regulations change regularly; check with the Russian embassy), but this is generally not a major issue.

The pay will not be stellar. I earned $6 for an 80-minute class in Irkutsk. But in Russia, that is a very good salary. The cost of living is quite low. I rented a large 1-bedroom apartment in an expensive region of Irkutsk (considered to be an expensive city) for the “outrageous” sum of $160 per month (do keep in mind that Moscow is an extremely expensive city even by Western standards).

Many places will allow you to teach in English subjects other than basic English conversation. I taught The Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics at Irkutsk State Univ. of Linguistics.

Most schools will allow you to work as much or as little as you like. In short, teaching in Russia is a good deal.

Places that occasionally hire for work in Russia:
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