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An Internship in London

Global-Eyes Accepts Graduated Students

by Katy Nelson

Through Global-Eyes Student Programs’ London Media Internship, which accepts college graduates beyond a year after graduation, I interned from late January to the end of May of 2005 for Ink Publishing in London’s trendy Shoreditch area. I worked as an editorial assistant, sitting in on editorial meetings and writing and revising content for Ink’s stable of inflight and travel publications. Though I had a long commute on the tube each morning, I loved having the opportunity to learn about writing for magazines.

I found a wonderful host family in a leafy suburb via a student housing agency called Britannia Travel through Global-Eyes. This total immersion in British culture—living and working with British people—gave me a much deeper knowledge of British values and culture than living in a dorm or flat as a student.

The housing and administrative expenses of Global-Eyes and Britannia Travel came to about $6,000, but what I gained from my four months abroad was well worth it. Not only did I build my writing portfolio, but by spending one-third of the year in England I had time to plant myself in a new culture and establish friendships. I reconnected with college friends who were also living in London and found time to volunteer for a member of Parliament during the election campaign period.

I also found time to explore London on Global-Eyes’ fieldtrips and to travel independently—to take long walks by the Thames and enriching weekend trips to Bath, Brighton, the Cotswolds, and the Lake District. I spent a long Easter weekend backpacking in the Scottish Highlands on a young person’s bus tour with Haggis Adventures, with fellow travelers from South Africa, Australia, and Europe.

The challenges and adventure of working abroad prepared me to advance my career at home. If you are in a similar position—a year out of school and searching the web for an international break from your routine—I would advise you to go for it. An international work experience can do much for both your resume and your spirit.

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