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Teach in Australia in New South Wales' Public Schools

Sydney is the spectacular regional capital of New South Whales, Australia.

If you're planning to visit Australia, have teaching qualifications and an appropriate visa, and are looking to earn some extra money during your Aussie holiday, you'll find plenty of opportunities if you head to New South Wales whose capital city, Sydney, is one of the best-known travel destinations in the world.

The 4-term school year begins in early February, at the height of Australia's summer, and ends in mid-December, with three 2-week breaks between each term in April, July, and October.

More than 750,000 students get their education in New South Wales' 2,000+ public schools, which means there is great need for short-term and long-term teachers.

As a proverbial melting pot of cultures, Australia has always welcomed the contribution that teachers with qualifications from overseas countries can make. And in countries like Canada, the U.K., and the U.S., teaching qualification standards are very similar to those of Australia.

Appropriate teaching qualifications and a valid working holiday visa (WHV) held by passport holders from such countries as Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. will open the door to casual and temporary teaching opportunities in many of New South Wales' schools. There's also a placement facility called Casual.Direct, which will actively assist you in finding teaching opportunities.

As a casual teacher, you can earn a pay packet of up to AUS$266 per day, while getting to know Australian culture and having a chance to see one of the country's most beautiful states.

For more information see the teaching options in New South Wales website.

MARGOT PIMENTEL lives in Sydney, Australia. She is the promotions coordinator for the Department of Education and Training in New South Wales, Australia.

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