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Combatting Homesickness Abroad

Twinges of homesickness will inevitably strike once you’ve settled into your new surroundings. The degree to which you feel them will vary depending on how you address it.

• Begin with an open mind. Rid your mind of any expectations or preconceptions. Those will only taint your experience.

• Take some comforts of home. Perhaps when you’re feeling ill or homesick, your favorite music, movie, or dish might soothe you. Pack that special CD, DVD, or recipe.

• Get busy. Become involved in some regularly schedule activity as soon as you settle into your new home.

• Make new friends. Rather than clinging on to the friends and family members back home, focus on making new friends.

• Be adventurous. Get out into your neighborhood and see what the local area has to offer.

• Broaden your horizons. Learn what’s unique about the area and the local culture and study its traditions and way of life.

• Plan for fun. Schedule some larger activity such as a side trip or weekend getaway somewhere in the area within the first two months of your relocation. Take advantage of the fact that you have a whole new territory to explore.

• Try it, you might like it. Whether it’s sports activities, hobbies, or foods, trying new things can make you feel invigorated.

• Stay positive. Don’t create a downward spiral of negativity by dwelling on bad aspects of your relocation.

• Don’t blame. Rarely is it someone else’s fault if you’re not enjoying yourself. It’s up to you to create your own opportunities.

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