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New Zealand boasts nearly as many work opportunities as sheep. During summer (December-February) and winter (June-August) jobs are plentiful, but hardly anyone will hire you without a work visa. It is the first thing employers asked for when I inquired about a job.

To make the arrangements through the program costs are low. But unless you are staying longer than four months, I wouldn’t recommend getting a work visa. The costs nearly outweigh any money earned.

CCUSA ( has work experience programs all over the world. Conctact them with questions. Program requirements: age: 18-35; contact your local office for fees and application.

BUNAC ( offers an easily navigated website and helpful support both in the U.S. and in New Zealand. Program requirements: age: 18-35; see website for fees and application.

A work visa done directly through the government requires a sponsoring company. To get the government’s approval, the employer has to prove that it cannot find a suitable Kiwi for the job. The time and hassle involved often makes most employers unwilling to hire you.

Before choosing a work visa program or going direct through the government check out for a list of occupations that the country needs.

For people in these fields the application fee is waived and the company doesn’t have to prove to the government that it couldn’t find a suitable Kiwi for the job.

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